Buried in the heart of increasing right wing governments is a little recognised phenomenon, even by those who walk the corridors of power, what we call ‘The Establishment’, those who formulate and dictate the life of nations. It is not a new phenomenon and can be discerned throughout history in the attitude of the ruling elites towards ordinary people. It’s hidden dominance underpins the attitudes of those who are raised and educated to rule.

Fundamental to their use and abuse of the lives of common people, in war and peace, is contempt. Cynical, exploitative, abusive and murderous, it is used to manage the lives of ordinary people and manipulate our minds to consent to the abuses of power, even to vocally demonstrate to support and even violently justify it.

It’s invisible force is no better demonstrated than in the ‘theatre’ of war, in which the minds of ordinary people are ‘stage managed’ to not only support war in an orgy of patriotic fervour, but to expend their lives extravagantly, ‘waging’ war whilst those who prosecute war look on and award themselves the greatest protections from its consequences. The killing fields of war are littered with the bodies of those who have no say in its prosecution, which lies exclusively in the hands of those who make up the privileged elite, who could justifiably be described as champagne warriors who protect themselves from the privations and consequences of the wars they perpetrate.

Following two world wars one man saw an opportunity to use the propaganda of war in peace time, a dark genius who recognised the need to rebrand propaganda for peace time, calling it ‘Public Relations’. His name was Edward Bernays and is eulogised as ‘The Father of Public Relations’. This is what he said: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of… It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”

This unseen mechanism of society which constitutes an invisible government is actually hidden in plain sight and assaults us on a daily basis, without which the machinations of power would be rightly condemned by ordinary people and yet, by and large, its acceptance is visible in every aspect of our lives, not only so but we willingly demonstrate our acceptance of it by paying for it.

It is called, ‘The Media’, although today, through the power of the Internet and the rise of democratic and independent media voices, it should be called the ‘Corporate Media’, owned, managed and controlled by unaccountable, fantastically wealthy, oligarchs like Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere, David and Frederick Barclay, Richard Desmond and others who are called ‘Press Barons’, people whose wealth we add to daily as we consume their ‘products’ which are also replete with another of Bernays targeted manipulative endeavours, ‘Advertising’.

One of his most successful achievements, which was visible in his first ever public demonstration of power, was the idea of freedom. The tobacco industry, eager to promote their products to an unsuspecting world, hired Bernays to ‘overcome “sales resistance” to cigarette smoking among women. Fully aware of studies linking smoking to cancer, he organised a demonstration at the 1929 Easter Parade in New York in which a group of debutantes lit up cigarettes and flaunted them as ‘torches of freedom’. It was a resounding success.

What followed was a revolution in advertising, which had hitherto focused on the practical and durable virtues of products, into the lifestyle choices and aspirations of the cult of the free.

In Germany, Joseph Goebbels adopted Bernays techniques in promoting the cult of the Führer around Adolf Hitler. When Bernays discovered that the Nazis were using his work, Bernays said, “They were using my books as the basis for a destructive campaign against the Jews of Germany. This shocked me, but I knew any human activity can be used for social purposes or misused for antisocial ones.” What Bernays never did was to consider his own contemptuous abuse of power in manipulating the minds of ordinary people for control, profit and power. Bernays was a man consumed by his own virtuousness, blind to what we see today in rags like the Sun, Mail and Express, in particular and the daily onslaught from the one eyed monster that has overtaken all other forms of leisure activities, television and our slavish devotion to it.

The message of our times is not how do we beat the most abusive government in the history of Britain, but in how we liberate our minds from slavery to the abuse of the media which supports them.

Ordinary people are accused of apathy, derided as sheeple, mocked for their ignorance, accused and despised for the outpourings of hate and bile that is the bane of social media, called extremists when they take the law into their own hands and murder those they have been taught to hate and treat as the ‘Untermensch’, the German word for undesirables, subhuman’s, in the ever growing tide of right wing xenophobia.

I have written extensively on ‘the war on the poor’, the overwhelming successful war promoted by the Conservatives since 2010. Propaganda has triumphed over reason. The mindless hate directed against Jeremy Corbyn, reached new heights when the BBC displayed a huge backdrop of a manipulated image of Corbyn in a Russian hat, in front of the Kremlin, after he demanded proof for Theresa May’s fact free assertion that Russia was entirely responsible for poisoning an ex-spy, his daughter and a policeman. Today, she is pressing her advantage with a picture in the media of her holding a baby.

The cynical use of propaganda by a government which has been systematically destroying the social structure of Britain since 2010 costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people is obscene. But the greatest tragedy of all is that so many of the Conservatives intended victims will cast their vote for a government that has nothing but contempt for them.

Manufacturing consent is alive and well, and will continue to flourish as long as people look no further than the screen that dominates their living rooms. Bernays would be proud of his success.

Whilst more and more people are waking up to the reality of what is happening in Britain and across the world, the tide is slow to turn and it falls to independent media sources and an increasingly vocal and active public to press on to oppose the onslaught of corporatism and governments which support the greed of powerful elites against the people. The power of the masses, the very thing that Bernays attacked and manipulated, is the only thing that will save us. The contempt of the powerful will not easily give way to the will of the people unless we demand it and keep on demanding it.

Power to the people.

KOG. 17 February 2018


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jc newsnight krem.jpgMany of us have criticised the BBC over the past 7 years of bias, and of reflecting broadly establishment opinion. However, the broadcasting corporation has persistently defended itself against legitimate charges of ideological favouritism, claiming a reputation for fair coverage.  Given the BBC’s reach, and the trust placed in it, any biases could potentially have a much more significant impact on altering public understanding of an issue than biases arising on other media platforms. 

A key reason why BBC bias is important is that, unlike its broadcast competitors and newspapers, the BBC is guaranteed its funds through a compulsory licence fee. Consumers are not able to punish the institution financially for perceived coverage bias. This puts it in a highly privileged position, one in which TV viewers are made to pay for the content, irrespective of their views on it.

In addition, the method through which the BBC is funded means that the organisation itself has a vested…

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Politics and Insights

Following on from my earlier article, below is the text of the statement made yesterday – March 13 – by Ambassador Alexander Shulgin to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons at the Hague. I agree that the UK government need to abandon the “the language of ultimatums and threats and return to the legal framework of the chemical convention, which makes it possible to resolve this kind of situation.” 

This request seems the most reasonable solution to the current diplomatic freeze and the safest regarding what has now become a tactical impasse – which makes an escalation of hostilities more likely. 

Mutual cooperation from both member states on this matter with an independent, international arbitrator, while operating within a framework of our international law, would open up possibilities to prevent this conflict from escalating further, which could ultimately end with potentially catastrophic consequences all round. 

Statement by…

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The excerpts below are from another interview I recorded last week at Oldham foodbank. I’ll post the full transcript when I’ve finished it.

The interview below was with an Oldham woman called Michelle, 38. Michelle had two daughters aged 13 and 17.

I post this to make the point again that Universal Credit is designed to start claimants off in debt and to keep them there. People are utterly powerless within that. They feel that they can’t fight or negotiate with the DWP.

Michelle applied for Universal Credit in October last year. She had to wait about ten weeks for her first payment (she’s also still waiting to hear the outcome of a Maximus medical assessment which she took at that time).

That long wait for Universal Credit had the usual devastating knock-on effects – the knock-on effects which push Universal Credit claimants into debt from the off.

First problem: while Michelle was waiting for a first UC payment, she went into rent arrears (she rents a place from First Choice Homes at £330 a month). She is now paying those arrears off at about £20 a month. That money comes out of her Universal Credit.

More… Ten week Universal Credit start delay, rent arrears as a result, advance loan repayments, tax credit debt…Debt is built in to Universal Credit



A woman has claimed cannabis oil cured her terminal cancer.

Joy Smith started taking the illegal drug after doctors told her she had only six weeks to live.

Joy, from Coventry, claims it destroyed the inoperable tumours. She is now close to getting the all clear from doctors.

The 52-year-old is now campaigning to legalise the drug, saying: “I wouldn’t be here now without it.”

She told the Coventry Telegraph : “When you’re told you have six weeks to live you’ll try anything, trust me.

More from the Mirror…


Pride's Purge

This is Tory MP Victoria Atkins MP, the UK minister responsible for drugs policy:

Atkins strongly and totally opposes the use of cannabis for either medical or recreational use and supports the government’s hard-line position that there is ‘no therapeutic value’ in cannabis.

For example, Ms Atkins spoke out forcefully against deregulation of cannabis in Parliament in July 2017:

“I declare an interest: I used to prosecute national-level drug barons. We are talking about gun-toting criminals, who think nothing of shooting each other and the people who carry their drugs for them. What on earth does my hon. Friend think their reaction will be to the idea of drugs being regulated? Does he really think that these awful people are suddenly going to become law-abiding citizens?”

On the other side of the argument, here is Paul Kenward – the CEO of British Sugar – which surprisingly has managed…

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I have the enormous privilege of being a transvestite, although this is the first time I have called it a privilege when for much of my life it has been painfully difficult.

In these incredibly dark days of humanity, my alter ego, Joanna, has become a solace, a haven and an unexpected yet incredible ally.

My experience with Joanna is that she completes something in me that is absent when I am plain old Keith. It feels like coming home, which itself feels expansive, an opening up into a sense and awareness of completeness.

I wish Joanna was writing this and I very much hope that one day she will speak in her own right and consciousness, but that requires a rise in my consciousness which has yet to happen, so for now I must speak for her and about her.

What is remarkable about her is that she has none of the social conditioning or pressures I have grown up with and experience as a man. She had none of the dogma of my education, of getting a job, meeting someone, settling down, having children, work till my retirement, grow old, die. A dogma that I unconsciously absorbed and in which most of my life has been lived.

None of that means anything to Joanna, it’s never applied to her and she doesn’t give a shit about it. She has nothing by way of complaint about it or of protest as it is entirely irrelevant to her existence. The only constraints on her are those that I impose and she might have a very great deal to say about that, but this is not the time for that.

She will never have to explain herself to anyone, nor confirm her existence via a passport, driving licence or utility bills, but what she does do is to impact my experience of such impositions in an age of suspicion, increasing intolerance and hate, and an ever more draconian state. Her perspective impacts my perspective and that is just wonderful and why, one day, I hope she’ll speak for herself.

Right now, I feel she’s trying to tell me some stuff I need to know and I am frustrated because I am not yet free to hear it. For that to happen I have to go up a level, expand my consciousness, open up, however I might put it. Inside I feel our hands are reaching out to each other but we haven’t made that contact yet. She wants it, I need it, and it’s me that’s holding it back.

Learning isn’t the problem here, my internal walls, including fear, are the problem, any process of expanding awareness and consciousness inevitably comes up against internal resistance because it means allowing uncertainty to come into play and living with uncertainty is not comfortable. If I want to learn anything I have to be prepared to leave my ‘comfort zone’ where all my hidden assumptions lurk and hidden assumptions can be extremely resilient, rigid and ungiving. It also means facing fear.

Because Joanna is not a voter and has nothing invested in voting, she looks out at the government and sees corruption, deceit and cruelty and has no patience with it. It’s not her problem, it’s mine. She has no reason to get angry about it, she is not of their world and they are certainly no part of hers. I am constantly wrestling with the Tory problem, she is not. She’s not apathetic towards the world and in so many ways she sees it far more clearly and sharply than I do. In witnessing government corruption she isn’t offering an opinion, she’s absolutely certain of it in the same way as I am absolutely certain that the little post box on the street near my house is red. She sees a fact and, for her, that’s all she needs to see.

I have often said I am not a democracy when people express an opinion of what they think I ought to be doing. Joanna is the same. She has no interest in engaging in an internal debate with me. She leaves all the internal debating up to me, and there’s always a lot of that going on as I am the one who has to pursue government motives and meanings to make sense of their appalling behaviour. That’s my job, not hers.

Joanna is, for me, the libertarian to my oppression. She is my internal compass pointing at freedom of being. I do not understand how she came about other than through the eyes of someone who was living in the hell hole of depression. I feel some part of me sheared off, even down to my biologically driven sexual identity. Depression threatened my life, the split that occurred to give life to Joanna was an incredible, complex, solution, even though I had no understanding of any of this at that time.

Survival is built into us and if our survival is threatened we can go to extraordinary lengths, both consciously and unconsciously, even biologically and organically, to ensure our survival. Suicide is a solution in extremis, when all hope is lost and all our resources exhausted. It is our last resort to escape suffering and anything that keeps us alive for another day is a blessing.

At a time when I am living in an increasingly hostile state and with cancer to boot, it is no surprise to me that Joanna has powerfully stepped front and centre again. I fought her before, this time I am working with her. She is my ally, friend, companion and wise counsellor for which I count myself very privileged.

KOG. 09 March 2018


A group of privileged vigilantes have called for councils across the nation to see off homeless people in order to protect the Tory-voting urban bourgeoisie from offense. Armed with posh Nikon cameras, a book on phrenology and a crystal ball, they have taken to the streets to try and catch out the millionaires who are scamming the public by dressing up in pauper rags and begging.

“Some of these homeless people are rubbish at living in houses and are being incompetently hungry in full view of everyone,” says Mr Harris Mint.

“But we know a large number of them are Marxists and some are millionaires. Some of them are faking malnutrition and thinness. Whatever next. They should go and take their fake pauperism with them.

Read more: People are faking their homelessness and poverty for money, says petty urban bourgeousie



On 1st March 2018 Activate UK, which proclaims it is ‘Actively engaging young people in the right of centre politics’, posted the following Tweet on Twitter: “As the cold settles in and the national gas supply is running low we are hearing horrific stories… All across the country, Socialists are being forced to put their hands in their own pockets.”

As people across Britain prepared for what was being called the ‘Beast from the East’, in every town and city thoughts turned to people who were most vulnerable to the anticipated blizzard and arctic conditions. It is impossible to know the logistics of the informal, public driven, emergency operations that mobilised to meet the challenges vulnerable people faced, nor is to possible to know how many lives have been saved by the willing hands and generosity of ordinary people.

All other considerations aside, and there are many, what Activate failed to understand, as so many right wing Conservatives do, is that Socialism isn’t all about money and the ignorance that Activate revealed was that in their minds everything is about money, even their cheap shots at Socialism.

It is this obsession with money as wealth to be siphoned off, hoarded and jealously guarded (preferably in tax havens) which is seeing the destruction of our NHS and frontline services, social security turned into a penal system, the privatisation of the state and state assets and services, escalating poverty, suicides, and children starving. All of it Conservative government policy.

I am 67 and a life long Socialist from the day I gave a thought to politics and social issues. I have only ever seen money as a means to an end, even, and perhaps especially, as a child growing up in poverty. Hoarding money for its own sake is incomprehensible to me, I am incapable of understanding what the appeal is and it always begs the question, ‘What for?’ All I ever wanted in life was enough with a little to spare for emergencies. Most of my life has been spent hand to mouth with the little to spare never materialising. I’ve had lean times when I’ve been homeless and hungry, thankfully only for a short period of time, but even being hungry for days on end never gave rise to the desire for money for its own sake.

My attitude to money is that under our current global system, money is a necessary evil if I want to keep body and soul attached. For the record, I think the global system of money is rotten to the core, utterly corrupt and a means of managed scarcity to enslave people to week in week out constant toil, creating wealth for those who hoard it and who deny workers an equitable share in the fruits in their own labour. We sell our bodies and minds to others in order to eke out a mean existence. So it has been day after day, year after year, decade after decade of my life. Oh, I’ve worried and been angry at not having enough money, never more so than the times when I couldn’t afford the rent and feared to lose the roof over my head.

I take no pleasure in financial insecurity, there is nothing noble or laudable about being poor, it’s shit. There’s no point constantly moaning about it when there is no end in sight, you ‘make do’, and there is a saying exclusive to those who have to manage with not enough.

Perhaps I have spent time with the wrong poor people, because my experience of poor people is that they are often generous to a fault. You are more likely to get a meal in a poor persons house than a crumb from a rich man’s table.

I wonder what those responsible for the Activate Tweet will say if the gas supply runs out on them, will they castigate themselves because they didn’t dig deep enough into their own pockets? Hardly. Of course, even if they did and had a stack of gold on their table, it wouldn’t make a ha’porth of difference, though perhaps they could wrap themselves in it to see if it would keep them warm.

What they have yet to discover, along with a great many others, is that money is a poor slave and a worse master. In and of itself it is utterly useless. In the world of things, from spades to spaceships, money is unique in its essential uselessness and it is a very poor and mixed up mind and world that reveres it above all other things as desirable.

At best money it is a tool to be used in exchange for useful things, yet in our very peculiar world, people can sell their labour to create things and yet not receive enough pay to afford the things they’ve made with their own hands.

Whilst work for pay dominates the work narrative, millions of people are working daily to keep Britain running and functioning and yet they receive little or no recognition for their diligent and exacting toil.

What the Activate Tweet reveals is that the world is bass ackwards. In the words of the late Howard Zinn, “I start from the supposition that the world is topsy-turvy, that things are all wrong, that the wrong people are in jail and the wrong people are out of jail, that the wrong people are in power and the wrong people are out of power, that the wealth is distributed in this country and the world in such a way as not simply to require small reform but to require a drastic reallocation of wealth.”

And that is the very thing that Activate and the Conservatives hate. It is that which lies behind the slanderous accusation that Socialists aren’t prepared to put their hands in their own pockets. It was on the unthinking basis of his own self assumed privilege that David Cameron accused poor people of having a culture of entitlement, just as Activate accused Socialists of being greedy and grasping after other people’s money. The pot whose soul is as dark as its arse calling the kettle black.

It would be funny is it wasn’t so sickening, that whilst socialists extend themselves for the common good which includes their personal efforts and contributions towards it for the benefit of all, rich and poor alike, modern right wing conservatism which is costing countless lives and bringing the world to its knees is all based on personal greed, which led me to redesign the Activate logo, changing, ‘Actively engaging young people in the right of centre politics’, to, ‘Masturbating while poor people die’.

I cannot claim personal responsibility for Activate deleting their Tweet although I hope they were offended by my response, but it doesn’t come close to their own small minded bigotry and arrogance, and my Tweet is unashamedly still up there. I was not paid for the work I did on their logo, like all the work I do these days, I did it from the goodness of my own heart. Ha ha ha ha.

KOG. 03 March 2018



Snow sleep

Cold winds blow, white snow flies…been moved on from warmth by the revenue guys… twas only a doorway of a closed down shop… but it was out of the snow …and most of the wind had stopped…”a thousand pounds” one said to me “is what you’ll be charged if we see…your face round here again”…I almost laughed, I almost cried, the tear that welled… froze… while still in my eye…I shuffled off, too cold to walk… my breathing wracked by the cold air cough…I have come to know so well…cold wind blows… snow, white lies, and keeps on falling from leaden skies…
that’s when I found the santa hat, laying like a pointing hand… I grabbed it… followed its mute command…into this dark park…
white wind whips, cold snow grows…cuts like a knife through all my clothes… and saps the energy that I had…I really need to rest… as frozen…

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