This was the moment on May 9th 2008 when this lightning strike took out the roof of the Village Hall in the nearby town of Paulton. Storms are rare in these parts, so even the merest hint of a rumble will have me running about grabbing my camera and tripod and setting up to catch the display, should one develop. Paulton lies in the Bristol Valley over which I have an unrestricted view and as storms travel in they almost inevitably make their way along the valley in spectacular displays of raw power. Such majestic displays are a source of delight, awe and wonder for me,  yet the news the next day was all about the roof and nothing about the incredible display I had been witness to the previous night. I was left feeling a little saddened by the news, though I sympathise with the damage to a valuable Village Hall  I feel that they missed something vital. Had this strike not taken out the Village Hall roof this storm would have been simply ignored and, for me, the experience of wonder in the presence of a storm like this is something not to be missed.