A letter a day to number 10. No 934

Wednesday 03 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In true Tory style MP Mark Garnier has called for tax breaks for what he calls the risk takers and entrepreneurs at the top whilst not bothering about the “dog-end voters” at the bottom in outlying regions of the country.

The stupid man doesn’t even know what risk is. It might do him good to join a fishing vessel and go out to trawl for the fish that makes it’s way to his ungrateful table to find out something of the cost to human life that such a life offers. Or take his turn down a mine somewhere and be part of a community for whom the loss of the risk takers has made its indelible mark on every single member of the living.

There was not one mention, as far as I can tell, of the risk and jeopardy workers on minimum wage take every day of their lives with no hope of an actual living wage anywhere on the horizon, least of all from the likes of Garnier. The markets that Garnier is championing, looking to make them ever freer from restrictions, are not really free at all, they cost lives, lives that they are, in fact, wholly dependent upon.

I note, though, that even that isn’t good enough for Iain Duncan Smith who, under his regime of punitive hardship and slavery, has demanded that a man suffering from cancer gives up his cancer treatment to attend work placements or work related activity or lose benefits. So not only are the sick and disabled having their benefits stopped on being found fit for work even if they are dying, they must now also give up treatment to satisfy Smith who is thus procuring their death through denying them treatment for life threatening illnesses.

Do you think of yourself as a risk taker Mr Cameron? Let’s see how brave a risk taker you are. Call a general strike and let’s see how long the markets and the country can survive without the real risk takers who labour day in and day out for the reward of a pittance. Too much for you? Then maybe just the transport workers, you know those people who roam the asphalt arteries of the nation, bringing every crumb, mineral and fibre of all those necessities of life that we are all utterly dependent on. How long do you think Westminster and parliament would survive without those who labour to bring food, clothing, stationary, champagne and cleaning fluid and the myriad other supplies that enable you to hound us so thanklessly. How long would the city stand, the stock market survive and stock brokers continue to take their thoughtless punts for another buck? The time is fast approaching when instead of making us beggars you might just have to learn to beg and there’ll be no one left to blame but yourself!