A letter a day to number 10. No 935

Thursday 04 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

A report this month revealed that Britain rules the waves in the world of tax havens, estimates say that up to $32 trillion is squirrelled away in secrecy into offshore jurisdictions. Tax Justice Network (TJN) says 2 billion Commonwealth citizens are among the victims of a ‘web of secrecy jurisdictions’.

Isn’t that just a sight for sore eyes, eh? Not only do these individuals and corporations enjoy all the benefits in infrastructure provided by the tax paying public, that same tax paying public has to make up the shortfall created by these grasping thieves.

John Christensen, director of TJN, has written to the Queen calling on her to “exert all possible influence” to tackle “harmful faultlines in the global economy” created by UK-linked tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions.

What, oh what, is George going to do as the Office for Budget Responsibility expects a shortfall in tax returns of £21bn by 2017-18? He’ll attack the poor of course, freezing benefits, including in-work benefits because businesses can’t be bothered to pay decent wages and he’s freezing pay, again! Protect the rich and rob the poor, that’s the Tory way. You’ll see the last morsel of food taken from a childs mouth before you’ll do anything to upset your rich mates and tackle the ever widening inequality between rich and poor in Britain today. Britain is the only G7 country with wider inequality than at the turn of century. The amount of the country’s wealth controlled by the richest 10% increased to 54.1% this year, up from 51.5% in 2000 and it is the poor who’ve paid the price for the financial crisis.

You protect corporate interests because you don’t want to scare them off but Britain would be far better off if we saw them off with pitchforks. How much, I wonder, of the £1 billion a month we now pay in interest on the national debt goes to banks which make use of tax havens protected by this country?

Today we held a two minute silence for our dead, lost to austerity, the DWP and ATOS. The people grieve for and remember their own whilst you, your government and the mainstream media are completely silent and tax havens are maintained on the blood of our fallen.