A letter a day to number 10. No 936

Friday 05 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It’s strange scanning the reports and news today, the feeling that the wheels are falling off your malicious Tory bus is stronger than ever. The image I have today is of some a red faced blustering buffoon of a gentleman farmer, wielding a blunderbuss with nails and rock salt scattering from the barrel and him yelling, ‘Get orf my land you oiks!’.

It seems that you cannot grasp that the days of the doffed cap and subservience of the common people are over, existing only in the minds and policies of the privileged few, who, unlike the dinosaurs, don’t have the intelligence to grasp that their time is over.

Robert Chote, the Office for Budget Responsibility chairman, warns that 60% of austerity cuts are yet to come, which means more oppression for the poorest and most vulnerable and, at that level of shrinkage of the state, many more people are going to die. I note that no reference to that was made in Osborne’s statement yet that is self evidently the case. The sacrificing of our lives to balance an incompetent Chancellors books (they wont) and the callous disregard for those sacrificed, is a mark of the traditional arrogance of the aristocracy for the lives of ordinary people.

Last year the Mirror reported that 9,000 ex-service personnel were homeless, but that is nothing new, ordinary people are good enough to fight your wars, yet casually abandoned once they have served their usefulness. Nothing has changed in your minds, during the Industrial revolution we and our children were good enough serve the factory owners for a pittance in pay and at the cost of the maiming and the lives of many, such was the gratitude of profiteers.

Iain Duncan Smith, called a ‘Hatchet Man’ by the Mirror, has more in common with a concentration camp commandant than anything to do with welfare, literally starving people into labouring and rewarding businesses, plus bonuses, for taking on slave labour.

I’ve worked with some bad management and some bad attitudes, but you and your government beat anything I have had the misfortune to come across by a wide mile. In my time I have seen off better men than you, Mr Cameron, if never so sealed behind walls of such self serving ingratitude. You don’t own us, Mr Cameron, and you never will.