06_december_2014A letter a day to number 10. No 937

Saturday 06 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Today has seen the triumph of sense over perversity.

In the High Court, Justice Collins has ruled that Chris Grayling referring to books as “incentives and earned privileges” in prisons was “Strange” and judged the law illegal.

Books are a pathway to knowledge, even the most pulpish book is laid out with structure and order and is a doorway to language, imagination and creativity. To deny people something that is good, especially those incarcerated, is perversely bad, spiteful and vindictive. Grayling seeking to deny prisoners books is the imposition of a small mind on a great issue, an issue he clearly has no understanding of other than in his childish vindictiveness. The judge called it “strange” and he’s right, such an idea from a seemingly grown man and an MP to boot is very strange indeed.

Today a United Nations report showed that “British workers suffered the biggest decline in real wages of all major G20 member countries in the three years to 2013”. Ah, yes, more “strange”. Strange indeed that in 2014 the labour of a human being is worth less than s/he needs to live on; a strange lack of human progress not the least.

Patrick Belser, senior economist at International Labour Organization and author of the report said, “one contributing factor to the UK wage decline was weak productivity in the country”. How can that be? With labour now so cheap that some companies don’t even have to pay for it and are, in fact, rewarded by tax payers for taking on slave labour how can productivity be so weak when every drop of sweat is a bonus for such businesses?

If low pay, no pay, can’t even get Britain’s economy moving again, then it is clearly not the workers who are to blame, it means an epic failure at management and policy level. A factor in productivity is, of course, consumer related, if people can’t buy, businesses must reduce productivity or go under, although reducing productivity is itself a threat to businesses.

How many times must it be said before your innumerate Chancellor gets it, labour is the bread basket of the nation? But, of course he knows this, you know this and Iain Duncan Smith knows this, The policies that your government are implementing to drive people into the ground are not strange, they are wilfully malicious, indeed, acts of war against ordinary people. Osborne is ruining the economy to ruin people and the welfare state, targeting the poor, the weak and the vulnerable, that is what your ideological austerity is all about. With 60% of cuts still to come, do you have a ball park figure for the resulting deaths? Someone, somewhere, has worked it out because what this isn’t down to is mere bumbling ineptitude, strangely enough.