17_december_2014A letter a day to number 10. No 948

Wednesday 17 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It has emerged this week that the Treasury has admitted that as much as £663m of the Universal Credit IT scam could be written off. This is Iain Duncan Smith fiddling while Rome burns as an NHS nurse is reported to have taken his own life due to the intolerable pressure at work.

Having cut 4,000 senior nurses to May of this year since you entered number 10, that £633 million would have paid for twice the number of those cut at the very highest level of senior pay. Had Lead Nurse Stuart Beddows been on pay level 7 that same money would have paid for 20,000 nursing staff.

Instead, Smith has wasted this money on a system designed to reduce benefits to force poor people into ever more insecure work. You promised to protect our NHS and you promised to make work pay, so the loss of Stuart Beddows is a double whammy for you and another family is left grieving the loss of a loved one thanks to you and your government.

I know that Smith doesn’t want to release the figures for those who have died as result of austerity and welfare (sic) reform but as Prime Minister you have a duty to acknowledge, at the very least, the catastrophic deaths that have already occurred and perhaps announce a ball park figure of the number of deaths that you anticipate and which would be acceptable to you and your government.

You have made it abundantly clear that you have no time nor inclination to respond to this letter writer but on this issue you have a duty to the nation to forewarn us all of the consequences of yet more austerity cuts announced in Osbornes Autumn Statement. With a further 60% of cuts still to come, the consequences to the nation, especially the poorest and most vulnerable are going to be devastating with a disastrous rise in the number of our dead.

Cuts mean deaths, Mr Cameron, what, if anything, are you going to do about it, apart from ignoring it?