A letter a day to number 10. No 957

Sunday 28 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Throughout your reign of terror on the poor there is something vital to life that is conspicuous only in the vilest negative sense and used to demonise the poor. Whilst it is all well and good for Lords to protect their supply of booze, regardless of the cost to the nation, millions of poor people are denied even the basic necessities of life, let alone that most elusive of issues that makes life meaningful, quality of life. The quality of life of poor people is dominated by a narrative of greed for plasma TV’s, smoking, drink, drugs and breeding as nihilistic self centred indulgence of the worst kind.

Quality of life was a central issue behind the founding of the NHS enabling everyone to have access to health care regardless of their ability to pay for it. It was bitterly opposed, then and now, by money grubbers. Your war on the poor, stripped to its bones, is that the rich are deserving not just of their wealth, but to enjoy every protection, whilst the poor deserve nothing, not even the means of the rudest survival.

The minimum wage is the enshrinement in law of a level of pay for labour below an amount that covers the barest survival. A living wage is the subject of promises, as yet without any substance, Labour has promised a living wage of £8 an hour over the course of the next government should they win the general election, but that is no guarantee of any income in a world of insecure work, zero hours contracts and in which profit is favoured over those who create it.

Quality of life is a myth when your government can sanction 80,000 people, denying them even the means of survival, for Christmas. Iain Duncan Smith amply demonstrated this month that hardship is a source of amusement for him, openly mocking the poor in a parliamentary debate. He couldn’t care less whether the poor live or die. Quality of life doesn’t even get a look in when the ability to simply survive can be taken away on a whim and Texas Rangers stars are awarded to Jobecentre staff as a reward for imposing sanctions.

The poor aren’t even worthy of poverty in Tory Britain. That is the heartless and brutal reality of life in Britain today under your misrule. Every Tory vote is a vote against the means of survival of the poorest and most vulnerable people in Britain..