29_december_2014A letter a day to number 10. No 958

Monday 29 December 2014.

Dear Mr Cameron,

To be poor, sick or disabled in Britain today is to be a Target, that’s with a capital ‘T’. However, to be young is to be a target with a small ‘t’. It must frustrate the hell out of your spin doctors that children are exempt from vilification because they are dependent. They can’t be attacked as work shy scroungers or wasters nor frog marched into Workfare. There is only one thing to do with children and that is to ignore them, say and do nothing, but under your ideological austerity a target they remain.

90,000 children faced being homeless this Christmas, but in your war on the poor children appear to be regarded as little more than collateral damage with barely a whimper raised at government or local government level.

George Osborne was not alone in being quick to jump on the welfare vilification bandwagon over the deaths of Mick Philpott’s children, planting the seeds that the welfare state encouraged poor people to irresponsibly breed and use and abuse children. That was a politically smart, though utterly vile, move, devaluing the children of the poor as a mere by-product of welfare abuse. It even managed to overshadow the murder of six children. Whether one vilified Philpott or Osborne, the children were all but written off as almost meaningless.

Perhaps that’s the trick that has been successfully played here, if you demonise the poor enough, their children are written off as worthless scroungers in the making. The plight of Britain’s poorest children has been less than underwhelming. Who cares about the byblows of the poor? Mere incidental lives sacrificed to the rhetoric of austerity which the poor are held entirely responsible for.

I confess that I have been completely taken by surprise at the lack of outcry at the plight of children. thinking that if there was anything that might galvanise the nation it was the suffering of innocents. But no, it seems that Osborne was ahead of the game, whilst protecting and rewarding the real culprits of austerity, not even children are safe from the machinations of wealth and power. If children have no rights. even the right to be innocent, protected and enshrined in law, humanity has truly lost its way.