02_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 962

Friday 02 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Lady (Elizabeth) Butler-Sloss has once again demonstrated why an establishment figure should not chair the government child abuse inquiry, displaying all the extraordinary arrogance of establishment elites for, well, everyone else, as too stupid, incompetent, hysterical or lacking in integrity to be trusted with oversight of the enquiry.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday, Butler-Sloss said she worried that “the victims and survivors, for whom I have the most enormous sympathy – and as a judge I tried a great many child abuse cases – for them to be deciding who should be the person chairing it creates real problems”. How very patronising of her. victims and survivors should be involved in the decision making process and taken seriously, they are not the problem, the establishment is and always has been.

In dismissing not just survivors of abuse but everyone else, she makes a mockery of the entire education system and the experience and integrity of everyone not of her class or social standing. It’s beyond farce, Butler-Sloss is insulting human intelligence.

Butler-Sloss said in response to a question about her ability to be impartial, “Well that seemed to me to be an attack on my integrity. As a judge I would expect to be totally impartial, even with my own family. I saw no difficulty. But we live in a world of perceptions, Sarah, nobody looks at the reality, they look at how they feel about things”. This is an astonishing statement, Butler-Sloss validated her own perceptions and how she felt about a question on her ability to be impartial as “an attack on my integrity” whilst dismissing every one else’s perceptions as irrational, not engaging with reality, as if feelings aren’t a part of reality. It seems she was unable to view a question about her ability to be impartial within the establishment, impartially, and took it personally. She is entirely free to do so, but what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. She can’t have it both ways.

The reality is that people perceive the establishment as corrupt, and they are entirely right to do so, I personally have a dossier of 962 evidence based letters about that very issue regarding you and your government. Parliament is at the heart of the establishment and a Mori poll in 2013 found that only 18% of people think that politicians don’t lie and only 23 per cent trust MPs specifically. If the abuse enquiry is to ever get off the ground, then the establishment is going to have to do a whole lot better and come up with a chair who is independent and is acceptable to all parties and, whether establishment figures like it or not, that is the very least the people expect and deserve and should, indeed, demand.