08_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 968

Thursday 08 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In Britain and across the world today, people are being forced into extreme economic slavery, that is, modern forms of bondage and servitude (Workfare and sanctions being but two examples in the UK) by governments and corporate interests exemplified by the abomination that is the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Economic slavery is the elephant in the room, a thoroughly propagandised, internalised and obediently pursued way of life in the modern world. Whilst slavery, human ownership as the means of economic exploitation, is now abolished, it has only been abolished by the promotion and expedience of voluntary slavery to an economic ideology which is centred around the exploitation of the many to create wealth for the few.

It is not hard to see and witness this in action, but it is extremely hard to achieve the mental clarity and the ability to challenge the orthodoxy of the narrative which accompanies it which calls it freedom, democracy and socially liberating. But these ideas are controlled, maintained and enforced by the state, the media and through the incredibly narrow definition of work. Everything is treated as a commodity including humans, who are called ‘human resources’ at work and, within the UK welfare system, ‘stock’. IDS stated in an interview that “disabled people would be made free by working”.

Economic slavery is marked by extreme inequality and the polarisation of wealth, poverty pay which is what the minimum wage is, the ideology of profit, suppression of workers unions, the right to strike and collective bargaining power, the creation of money as debt and the exploitation of interest charges by banks (the criminals who crashed the world economy) and the all encompassing mythos of the objectified ‘consumer’.

When we discover that “Top bosses pay will surpass the average full-time UK worker’s annual salary after just two days”, we know it’s neither fair nor just, but is there an outcry? No. Your government can rob fire service workers of their pensions whilst protecting your own gold plated pensions, cap public sector wages at 1% whilst still having a 10% pay rise for yourselves on the table, enjoy all kinds of perks and privileges at the publics expense whilst removing the means of survival from the poorest and most vulnerable and people not only think that’s ok, but demonise the oppressed.

You and your government enforce austerity on the poor whilst promoting welfare for the rich and the myth is that while the poor have somehow earned and deserve their poverty, the rich should be rewarded because without them the country would fail. The extremely wealthy care nothing for the country, only about more wealth and exploiting tax loopholes (£119 billion according to Tax Research LLP), and endorse a system in which 13 million (and more) live in poverty, over half of them in work. The most tragic part is how aggressively people cling to and defend their own enslavement as virtuous.