09_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 969

Friday 09 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Reading the news today I am reminded of the ‘The Last Battle’, the final book of C S Lewis’ Narnia series when the Dwarfs, battered and bruised from fighting each other say, “Well, at any rate there’s no Humbug here. We haven’t let anyone take us in. The Dwarfs are for the Dwarfs.”

Liam Fox, in fine colonial form, wants to rig the game by denying the subjects of Britains imperial exploits the right to vote in the general election. Of course he does, anything to manipulate an advantage for yourselves, with not a shred of care for those subject to Britains past Imperial predations.

Esther McVey has, for the third time, refused to face the Scottish welfare reform committee to explain why the UK Government is “failing to support vulnerable people”. McVey defended the use of sanctions in saying, “They are effective in encouraging compliance…” Yep, starving people certainly gets their attention. she might just as well beat people into compliance, it makes no difference other than beating being more honest than her conniving deceit in the build up to the full punitive regime of Universal Credit.

In responding to the crisis in the NHS you claimed, problems were down to a “massive increase in the number of people” going to A&E. Patient blaming, it’s always someone elses fault, eh? The crisis is nationwide and patients haven’t suddenly started jumping out of bushes, it’s a ‘massive’ crisis on your watch, created by you and your government as you bleed the NHS dry. As Ed Miliband said at PMQs,  “I’ll tell you what’s disgusting – it’s a Prime Minister who said people could put their trust in him on the NHS”

It’s astonishing, whilst no one can deny a certain animal cunning in you and your party, it’s a cunning that is marked by such self centredness and contempt for ordinary people it strikes the observer as little more than blind ignorance. Lewis’ dwarfs were at least aware of others, you treat us as if we are of no consequence whatsoever. With 65% of Tory cuts still to come thousands are going to lose their lives, many times more than are currently dying. Do you exhibit even a glimmer of care for our lives? Not a jot. You should be grateful that this is a nation slow to rise, but it will, and the slow storm is the one that takes longest to pass.