13_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 973

Tuesday 13 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

What extraordinary times we do live in. Nick Robinson, BBC political editor now turned political grass, has revealed that Ed Miliband apparently, “wants to – and I (Robinson) quote – ‘weaponise’ the NHS for politics”. Way to go Robinson the snitch!

I didn’t think you were all that fond of whistle blowers what with Julian Assange being holed up in the  Ecuadorian embassy for two years, still I suppose there’s whistle blowers and then there’s just plain old snitches, eh? You told MPs: “The leader of the opposition apparently said to the political editor of the BBC: ‘I want to weaponise the NHS.’ I think that is disgraceful. The NHS is not a weapon, it’s a way we care for our families, it’s the way we care for the elderly, it’s the way we look after the frail.”

I am not in least sorry to be the bearer of bad news, you’ve got form, to stay with the criminal vernacular. You politically weaponised the NHS when you promised ‘No cuts to front-line services’ and no more “top-down reorganisations” of the NHS. All our front line services have been devastated by your government, Fire, Police and Ambulance services are in crisis and, of course, the NHS is on its knees.

Not only did you lie about your plans for public services and the NHS, your party has since become a weapon of mass destruction. Even your privatisation of the NHS is falling apart with Circle doing a runner and abandoning Hinchingbrooke hospital.

Interestingly, whilst Circle can run off into the sunset, no such option is available for public owned services. Public services cannot abandon the provision they provide, they are publicly funded and publicly accountable, not some for-profit wide boy carving a niche for itself at the publics expense.

Hinchingbrooke hospital is down to you, it’s down to broken promises, lies, deceit and the wholesale destruction of publicly owned, maintained and run services for the public well being. You and your party are little more than a bunch of mercenaries carving up state provision for the benefit of privateer robbers. Miliband needs to weaponise, arm, lock and load, and take on the task of fighting for our public services and the people with all he’s got. You can call that disgraceful, and try to gain some spurious political kudos out of it, but it is you and your party who are the enemy within and you have betrayed every woman, man and child in this nation.