A letter a day to number 10. No 996

Tuesday 10 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Do you know what politics is? I am politics. Each person is politics, each individual voice is politics.

I am afraid that your education is demonstrably lacking in certain areas, so allow me to help you out here on three critical issues. Without my permission, that is, without my consent, you do not have the right to speak to me, for me or to offer unasked for advice. I am not proffering advice here, I am expressing boundaries which, without my permission, you have absolutely no right to cross. So far, so good, but…

There is an issue here which can be highlighted by the expression, s/he who pays the piper calls the tune. Since the involvement of UNUM, the discredited American Insurance Company and their bogus use of the bio-psychosocial model in the formulation of UK benefits policy, disabled people, and now everyone in receipt of benefits, are seen as social malingerers. The false premise being that ‘work makes you well’ or as Iain Duncan Smith put it, ‘disabled people would be made free by working’.

Whether able bodied or disabled, the benefit system is now predicated on a duty to work regardless of personal circumstances. Iain Duncan Smith’s regime has presumed to speak at me, make demands of me and to dictate the circumstances under which I am permitted to live under threat of the loss of the means of survival if I do not comply with the duties imposed upon me.

What the benefits system has become is an absolute violation of the individual to meet an ideologically imposed duty to work or to spend the time one would be working seeking work. The needs, abilities, aspirations, qualifications, or anything of an individual nature have been denied any place in life and living with a singular duty of obedience to state dictat.

As a friend said to me today, her ability to manage her disabilities and pain have been over ridden by constant and relentless fear and worry of the next attack by the DWP; the next brown envelope through the door. Like her, my ability to manage my disabilities is under constant threat from a government which has crossed every boundary of human dignity and decency and turned welfare into hellfare. Universal Credit is built on benefit denial. Back in 2012 Esther McVey announced that 330,000 disabled people would have their benefits cut without a single assessment having taken place. She might just have well announced the arbitrary distribution of nooses and told disabled people to go and hang themselves. Well, I am politics and as long as I live and breath I will protest against such inhuman viciousness.