16_february_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,002

Monday 16 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You are a rude arrogant bugger and no mistake. From the endless depths of your ignorance comes yet another exclusive attack on those on benefits, an obesity sanction.

I am sure it must be all the centuries of your class thinking you have a divine right to rule that leads to such a crass arrogance in assuming you have the right to dictate how others live. I wonder if anyone, ever, in your life has said to you, ‘mind your own damned business’? I think it would do you a power of good to come and visit me and spend some time at our local pub, The Wagon and Horses, and learn some lessons in the school of hard knocks. Try telling people there what you think they should or shouldn’t be doing and bring some paramedics in your entourage, you’d need them.

It would have been bad enough if you were suggesting a national policy of sanctions on excessive weight, or an obesity tax, but no, it’s the poor that get it once again.

This latest attack comes hard on the heels of your in-work sanctions proposal of punishing poor people who can’t force their hours up to 35 hours a week on minimum wage, by sanctioning their housing benefits.

You make a lot of noise about hard working people but your party has nothing but contempt for the people who constitute the bread basket of the nation. Thatchers all out onslaught on the miners was an all out attack on organised labour. Without the Unions we’d still be suffering the worst excesses of the Industrial Revolution, even sacrificing our children for profit, and it’s you who are determined to drag us screaming back there.

I will never understand this historic ingratitude of the haves stealing from the have nots. You steal the food from our tables and despise us for it. The majority of your victims don’t even complain, they are inured to the daily theft of their labour for profit, getting by as best they can as their collective wealth creation is siphoned upwards into the hands of the few who pay themselves millions in pay and bonuses for their enterprising skills in daylight robbery. They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, tell that to the aristocracy, they are the experts in free loading, as are you and your cabinet of millionaires, robbing the nation blind.