17_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,031

Tuesday 17 March 2015.
Dear Mr Cameron,

Well, here we are then, three years and 1,031 letters and where are we? The world is in the control of a handful of basket cases who have enslaved us for money.

Let’s try and get some perspective on that. We’re on the third planet from a minor star in an infinite and magnificent universe, the only known planet that has given rise to life. It’s an exquisite planet teeming with life, a natural world that positively seethes with growth and abundance. Without the fecundity of nature, we, humanity, would not even exist.

I’ve said it before and I am happy to say it again, nature is always true to itself. That is the deep abiding joy of nature. There is no such thing in nature as a bad tree, or tiger, or fish, leaf or tsunami, each abides by what it is, a pure and true expression of itself regardless of circumstances. It is only human kind, blessed, or cursed, with consciousness and awareness, that is capable of gross and wilful deceit, of behaving badly, toxically, against the best interests of others and nature. Even parasites and viruses in nature are true to what they are, though they might seriously inconvenience us or even kill us, they are not motivated by wilful intent, such behaviour is the preserve of human kind.

We are in the grip of a government which, with malicious intent and malice afore thought, is oppressing ordinary people, forcing us against our will through punitive and life threatening means to justify our existence through mandatory obedience to government dictat.

Here’s the thing, you cannot win this war because nature is always true, not truth, but true, as a balance is true or a weight is true, real, and undermines all conceit and pretension, and we are all subject to it, whether we know it, acknowledge it, or not. Pretension exists in the mind, nature is deeper, the creator of mind and is inescapable, like the seasons, like death.

All your policies of oppression and aggression against us are, compared to nature, the pretentious vanity of spoilt boys playing at god. We ignore or mock nature at our peril, because nature cannot be denied, the rewards of being true to nature are lasting, the rewards of ignoring and working against nature are self defeating. It’s time to grow up, stop being children, get with the programme and get real. Each of our mounting dead cries out against you. I have given three years of my life opposing you and I am happy to give another five, if that’s necessary, because you, your party, your backers and all the greed and corruption are an offence against nature and life itself.

“Nature cannot be fooled” – Richard Feynman.