27_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,040

Friday 27 March 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There was something incredibly fitting that on the last day of the current parliament you Tories got your knives out but were thwarted in your desire to stick them in the back of one of your own in secret.

In what was meant to be a free vote, Michael Gove imposed a three line whip to drag MPs in for a briefing to ensure a strong turnout of Tory MPs to oust John Bercow.

It was astonishing to watch the emotion displayed by Bercow as he gained the majority support of the house from the left in the face of base treachery by the oh so well named Nasty Party and his barely concealed contempt for his own party as he read out the vote. It was also gratifying to see the smile wiped of William Hague’s face as his sneaky plot fell apart around him.

Equally incredible to me was to see 35,000 people being ever so ‘humble and reverent’, according to the bishop of Leicester, as the 500 year old remains of royalty were paraded through the streets before being laid to rest in Leicester.

Everything that is wrong with Britain was on display today, treachery at the top and subservience at the bottom.

I have had so many conversations that have revolved about what more can we do to wake people up in this country and the answer is ‘nothing’ other than just carrying on doing our best. The truth is that if you get another term in office you’ll do the job for us. If we cannot win the day against obsequious subservience, then another five years of treachery will have to do it for us, even at unimaginable cost.

There’s no arguing with 35,000 people voting with their feet and bowing to the depredations of royalty or all those who will vote Tory come May.

When the year 2000 came around I thought that was the end of the age of reason but the truth is that reasoning has never worked very well in the grand scheme of things. Prejudice and naive belief have far more sway than reason and always have and both are pretty much impregnable until something comes along to shake them up so badly that they fall apart. The world, right now, is completely insane. What will it take for sanity to prevail? Does anyone know? Not I.