11_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,055

Saturday 11 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There is no freedom without economic freedom. Money is presented like a force majeure (a force beyond human control) by those in power, propagandised as an irresistible force like nature (keep the financial markets ‘free’ or something awful will happen), when it is anything but. It is a product manufactured and manipulated by those with power in order to control the life, liberty, freedom, creativity, thinking and being of the majority to enslave them to the interests of a privileged minority.

Your government has used economic force to quash, stifle, restrict, constrain, control, demean, punish, dominate and destroy the lives and well being of ordinary people.

Iain Duncan Smith, as a matter of wilful political deception, denies that welfare reforms and sanctions have played any part in the rise of food banks and poverty because reforms and sanctions are ideological weapons being used to oppress and control.

Smith claims that the Claimant Commitment will help to end the culture of entitlement and that support is based on conditionality, a conditionality which is about enforced economic impoverishment. He knows that failure to comply, to cross every ‘t’ and to dot every ‘i’, will mean people are deprived of the means of survival; that is precisely what happens and that is precisely what he intended.

He refuses to address the many deaths that have occurred and continue to occur because forced compliance requires the ultimate threat and that people pay the ultimate price in order for his vicious policies to be effective.

Money and economic slavery are, then, the ultimate ideological weapons with which to control people. The so called culture of entitlement he speaks of includes the entitlement to life itself and he has made it abundantly clear that he is happy to deny people their entitlement to life.

You and your government have gone to great lengths to demonise those on benefits and to encourage a vengeful culture which demands, ‘Why should I pay for them?’ To which the answer should be shouted load and clear to each and every one – ‘Because, you miserable, whining, cringe worthy, bastard, you enjoy exactly the same entitlement every minute of your own snivelling ungrateful life!’ Just like Iain Duncan Smith when he claimed unemployment benefit. It’s what makes us a civilised nation and why you, Mr Cameron, could have all the support of Disability Living Allowance for your son when it was needed and yet you reward the nation which provided for him by denying those infinitely worse off than you the same entitlement and support.