02_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,075

Saturday 02 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I see that Iain Duncan Smith has disappeared off the face of the planet, failing to turn up for Radio 4’s World at One and at his own hustings. One of the last places he surfaced was, it seems, Nova Training in Goscote, Walsall, where he told them, “What I have been doing now for a number of years is reforming welfare as a means to making more people better off.”

I know he’s known as the quiet man of politics preferring to chortle and sneer in the background or sneak out of welfare debates whilst others do his proselytizing for him. Modesty is very becoming but really, doesn’t he want to bask in the paeans of praise he feels he so justly deserves? A man of his touching faith should surely want to share his faith with others, he is a Catholic after all and Jesus wasn’t so shy about coming forward, now was he?

If he’s worried about detractors, he shouldn’t be that concerned as thousands of them are now dead so they’re not going to bother him.

He also seems to be the only member of your party who is adamant about the future, he’s going to keep right on, keeping on with the Bedroom Tax, sanctions, opening up people lives to opportunities, Workfare, rebranding the troublesome Zero Hours Contracts to the much more cuddly ‘Flexible-Hours Contracts’ and being personally responsible for the rise in tax threshold to £10,600 due to the success of his welfare reforms.

The rest of your party of also rans can’t seem to answer a straight question even when it’s thrown at them multiple times and your own volte-face on child benefit cuts at the last electioneering minute was impressive.

So many of us feel that Iain Duncan Smith is the man of the moment and I can only encourage you to prise him out, with a crowbar if necessary, to face the public and to tell him to stop being such a shrinking violet.