04_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,077

Monday 04 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You say you are for ‘hard working people’ and Miliband is promising ‘higher living standards for working families’, I am left to wonder what happens to those of us left behind or if any of us will survive?

As a 64 year old disabled man I’d quite like to survive this next five years, not out of a sense of entitlement or as some kind of privilege granted from on high, I’d just rather like not to be killed off or abandoned as irrelevant, as superfluous to requirements or as a drain and an affliction on the national recovery. It’s too much to hope that the criminals who broke our economy will be held to account, but to hold poor, unemployed, sick and disabled people responsible for clearing up the mess made by the banks, thousands having already paid with their lives, is an evil so vast it can never be forgiven.

I am currently alive and it would be pleasant to die of natural causes, not starved or driven to death because I am of no damned use to you criminals in power, not even as a Workfare slave.

It is not up to government to set themselves up as the arbiters of who survives and who doesn’t, who is worthy of life and who is not.

I am heart sick, bone sick, of career politicians who have no understanding or care for the lives of ordinary people.

The Huffington Post has revealed that there are 43 affordable homes in London right now and that includes house boats and one mobile home and you dribble on about a home owning democracy! You are talking meaningless nonsense; cross eyed badger spit.

This election is, as I see it, the Judas election. Voting is no longer about who might be good for this country and the people, it’s about trying to work out who are the least treacherous, but with one, over riding, critical issue in mind, we cannot afford another Tory government because we’ll be paying for your treachery with our lives.

Iain Duncan Smith has refused to release the figures on benefit-related deaths, that only means one thing, they are appalling, how much worse are they going to get if you get another term in office? It doesn’t bear thinking about but we must, we can’t shrink from this battle for our lives.