13_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,084

Wednesday 13 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Mark McGowan, the artist taxi driver, was talking about work yesterday, and had this to say,  “You’re stuck. What is work? Why do we work? Why don’t we have more money? The idea of work is to debilitate you. The idea of work is to shame you.”

You Tories are not for hard working people at all, if you were you’d treat ordinary people with dignity and respect, whether they are working or not.

Iain Duncan Smith has said, “Zero hour contracts are badly named – I don’t know whoever came up with that idea, they should be named the flexible hours contracts.” With typical slight of hand Smith has tried to conflate flexible working hours, which suit employees, with zero hour contracts which specifically suit the employer. Zero hour contracts give employees no job security at all and Smith is just playing fast and loose with the truth as usual.

Workfare is a programme of forced labour under threat of loss of benefits in which people are stripped of all dignity and choice.

When Thatcher broke the miners she spelt out exactly what your party think of working class people when she called us ‘the enemy within’ and nothing has changed except the lies and spin. The loathing and contempt for working people is as plain as the nose on my face, Iain Duncan Smith daren’t show his face in public for fear of the reception he gets.

There used to be some dignity to labour even though wages were exploitative, but those days are long gone. The threatened Network Rail strike says it all as workers reject a pay deal that means salaries frozen at inflation until 2019 whilst last year senior directors received ‘massive retention bonuses that almost doubled their total pay packages to around £900,000 each’.

The powerhouse of this nation has always been the workers, they were the engine that drove the industrial revolution and scant reward they got for that. I note that you had a couple of crates of Bollinger were delivered to number 10, how do you think they got there? The magic bubbly fairy? To even suggest that Conservatives are the “real party for working people” is an insult so vast it beggars belief.