25_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,096

Monday 25 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Reading about the latest banking crimes and fines, what comes across above all else is how well crime pays. The fines may look like a lot of money to someone like me, but the reality is that such fines can be regarded as a reward to the banking system, which will probably not even bother to shrug and then carry right on with business as usual.

Antony Jenkins, chief executive at Barclays, in a ludicrous apology said, “Dealing with these issues, including taking the appropriate disciplinary action against the individuals involved, is a necessary and important part of our plan to transform Barclays.” Really? Into what I wonder? How many crimes do these banks have to commit before we wake up to the reality that they are criminal organisations which care nothing for the law because they know that the worst that will happen to them is  equivalent to a pat on the wrist.

If, however, you steal five jars of coffee from Aldi, as did Ruben Da Silva from Grantham, then you can expect 10 weeks in jail and even find the Street where you live named in the press.

Or, if you are caught taking out of date food headed for the dump from the back of Tesco, you can expect to be arrested and wind up in court, even if the judge did have to good sense to give the man an absolute discharge asking prosecutors, “How are they expected to live?”

Let’s be perfectly clear about this. The couple taking food from Tesco were doing so because of banking crimes which gave rise to your ideological austerity pogrom which is the penalty being exacted on us by you for crimes we didn’t commit.

Taking food which is headed for the dump isn’t a victimless crime only in as much as it is people who are the victims of the bankers crimes and your imposed austerity pogrom who are being arrested and taken to court.

Austerity amounts to nothing more than bankers and your government playing Russian Roulette with our lives in which you load the gun and pull the trigger and we even get punished for trying to survive.