03_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,105

Wednesday 03 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

George Osborne has a “plan to make Britain work better” and make Britain the richest country in the world. What’s the plan George? The plan, Keith, is to make every worker sweat, to squeeze the last drop of labour out of them, to sell off the state, remove all the silly red tape that hampers business, get the money flowing to the top and slash and burn at the bottom. Get the money flowing, up, up, up. Profit, riches, benefits for the few, austerity for the many.

The age of empire is back and Britain is the new colony, prosperity for the masters, gruel for the peasantry. Osborne is planning to flog off £23 billion of state assets which benefit the many to private interests that benefit the few. He’s going to boost Britain productivity, getting even more out of ordinary working people, whilst depriving those very same ordinary people of any share in the wealth. He’s promising spending cuts and the biggest ever sell-off of public assets to boost Britain’s productivity. Really? Yep, really.

Productivity isn’t a thing, productivity is labour, productivity is ordinary people but in yours and Osborne’s imperialist world it’s makers for the takers. It was ever thus. Squeeze the belching, farting masses, milk the common herd, and take everything. What our imperial masters want, our imperial masters get. It’s amazing, Osborne talks about robbery and prosperity in the same breath.

Watching yours and Osborne’s faces during the Queens speech was fascinating, Osborne wore his now familiar smirk whilst you wore your diligent face as the Queen announced your plans to asset strip the nation.

Britain has apparently now been labelled the “European capital of inequality”. With all your fatuous talk of job creation, hard working people, and full employment you never mention income or wealth for hard working people, yet when you talk about business it’s all wealth and prosperity. Whoop de doo. Makers and takers, Mr Cameron, rip off Britain.

For ordinary people it’s no rights, no say, no pay, just squeeze and bleed. The 1000 richest people in Britain have seen their wealth double over the last ten years, a combined fortune of just over £547bn, whilst 13 million people in the UK are living in poverty, more than half of them in work. No British government has ever dared to use our lives so extravagantly or so blatantly for profit and all Osborne can do is smirk. He told business leaders at a CBI dinner, “I want Britain to find that extra gear. So we deliver for working people”, when what he meant was, ‘working people must be forced to find that extra gear, and we’ll deliver them bound and gagged for businesses’. As if business leaders give a tinkers cuss about delivering ‘for’ working people, any more than you and Osborne do, listening to his speech they must have had an orgasm. You’re all thieves together.