01_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,134

Wednesday 01 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I really have to wonder just who the hell you think you are? Your attacks on disabled people are now one stop short of being a cull, which, under the circumstances, would be more honest. Your policies couldn’t make it clearer that to you we are just useless eaters.

Because of the kind of deceit we now expect from your government, the following has, unsurprisingly, gone largely unreported: “Motability have introduced changes to their grant making conditions discriminate against disabled people with the highest support needs who are unable to work for a minimum of 12hours a week, carry out at least 12 hours voluntary work (which apparently can’t be internet based but has to be outside the home and doesn’t include travelling time), are not in education for at least 12 hours a week and who need specialised adaptations to transfer to drive or drive-from-wheelchair vehicles.”

“These changes have not been made publicly known or advertised to current customers in any way about who is eligible for a grant and the changes were made without any consultation.”

This Motability conditionality regime denies the most severely disabled people, who are incapable of work, their liberty, freedom, independence, mobility, choice, dignity and respect. On top of which today sees the end of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) which means severely disabled people are now abandoned by central government to cash strapped local authorities who have yet to be told what funding might be available.

The most vulnerable people who are physically incapable of helping themselves, let alone work, are to be stripped of support for being so vulnerable and treated as useless, unwanted, worthless, valueless, social rejects.

Instead of enabling the lives of the most vulnerable people, you are making them prisoners of their circumstances over which they have absolutely no choice or control.

Human rights are first and foremost a moral issue and you have demonstrably abandoned all morality, if you had any concept of morality in the first place. If there was any justice it would see you reduced to such a plight, the only difference being you would richly deserve it, not least, to find out just what you have so callously inflicted on others. Any government that treats people in this way has forfeited the right to hold office. Disabled people have not failed government, your government has failed and abandoned disabled people.