05_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,169

Wednesday 05 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

One of the reasons for Jeremy Corbyn’s success, and it may well be the main reason, is that the people of Britain are tired of bullshit politics from bullshit politicians, which encompasses your entire government. What does that mean? It means the deliberate and relentless peddling of fear, mistrust, hatred, insecurity, division, lies and propaganda with malicious intent to deceive and to oppress.

Al Gore said of the continuous use of fear after 9/11, “Fear drives out reason. Fear suppresses the politics of discourse and opens the door to the politics of destruction”. Let’s be real about what you are doing, the banking crisis and austerity are merely the excuses for the destruction of the state, the NHS and our system of social security. As in America so here and Gore got that bang on.

What Corbyn is giving back to this nation is the politics of discourse in plain language, never stooping to the fear mongering deceit of those who oppose him. Is it any wonder that people were thronging the streets around Camden Town Hall and Corbyn had to speak to them from the top of a fire engine? As he said in a brief interview, the response to him is ‘a thirst for ideas, a thirst for people who want to live in a decent, fair and equal society and are fed up with being told austerity works when they know it doesn’t’.

Britain can afford to give corporations welfare handouts of £93 billion a year, afford corporate tax handouts and inheritance tax give aways, afford to replace Trident with new weapons of mass destruction, afford to build a high speed rail link between London and Birmingham at a revised cost of £42.6 billion, afford to sell off RBS bank at a loss to the tax payer both in terms of value and loss of income from profits. Yet Britain cannot afford poor, sick and disabled people, cannot afford the Independent Living Fund for the most disabled people, cannot afford to educate our young people at university without crippling them with debt, cannot afford our ageing population or a publicly funded universal health care system. Bullshit!

People are silenced by bullshit, fear and doubt and yet many are persuaded to stick with it, the long term economic bullshit plan, because fear works in its twisted way as you well know. It’s all designed to wrong foot us every step of the way in a relentless stream of bullshit until we’re sick to our back teeth of it, until a breath of fresh air comes along and people start taking great gulps of it and they join the discourse because it is bullshit free, understandable and accessible.

No one can argue with bullshit, it is designed precisely to be impregnable to sense or reason, it’s designed to keep people wrong footed, docile, morally and spiritually damaged and even to despair of life. Above all, it is inexcusable and unforgivable.