04_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,193

Friday 04 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Iain Duncan Smith might be as smug as a cockroach after a nuclear blast about being regarded as ‘a hate figure in some circles’, as Julia Hartley-Brewer put it in an interview on LBC radio, but he is accountable to the people of this nation and, one way or another, he will be held to account.

He has lied throughout his time as head of the DWP (and before) frequently quoting unpublished yet grandiose figures that bear no relation to reality. His language and attitude towards people requiring the aid of our social security system is the language of demonisation and fraud, saying such things as it was, ‘no life to lead to accept the fact that you languish on benefits, trying to avoid ways of getting back to work’.

So effective has your government propaganda been that disability hate crime, according to Crown Prosecution Service figures, alone has soared 213% since 2007/08 and this only accounts for incidents that have been reported.

His recent fudged report on benefit related deaths which he fought for months to suppress is an indictment against him and his vile regime.

It is welcoming to see that a UN Special Rapporteur is to visit the UK in the near future to investigate whether Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms have caused ‘grave or systematic violations’ of disabled peoples’ human rights. I do not doubt that he will dismiss both the visit and the findings just as he did the investigation and report by Raquel Rolnik into the bedroom tax.

Smith has caused immense suffering and, indeed, people have lost their lives and been driven to take their own lives through his actions and arrogant assertion that he has a belief that he is right. This war on the poor must end and Jeremy Corbyn calling for his resignation is the very least of what Smith should pay for the anguish and suffering he has directly caused and is responsible for, aided by a media that has abandoned investigative reporting to become a political poodle mouthpiece for spreading hate and lies.