04_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,275

Friday 04 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Congratulations Mr Cameron for doing exactly what was required to further extremism in the Middle East. Every sortie and every bomb, precision or otherwise, might just as well be a recruiting advertisement for those terrorised to join the alphabet spaghetti group that no one can even seem to decide the name of. ISIL, ISIS, IS, Daesh?

I didn’t watch all the debate, I have better things to do with my time and, as I’ve said before, as serious as the issues are surrounding Syria and the Middle East, the man prosecuting our military involvement is a liar. Remember, no top down reorganisation of our NHS, you telling parliament that disabled people would be exempt from the bedroom tax, protecting disabled people by cutting the Independent Living Fund and, indeed, severely disabled people being targeted by cuts and sanctions 19 times more than the rest of the population.

Meanwhile arms dealers are enjoying a bonanza rise in share prices, BAE Systems has seen its stock soar 14 per cent in the two and a half weeks since the Paris attacks. The fortunes of war eh, Mr Cameron? And will they donate anything to restore the al-Khafseh water treatment plant in the northern city of Aleppo which provides water for 3.5 million people and which was reported to have been hit by an air strike last Thursday? Does anyone care? Because these are non-people, not like us, these are children, women and men, none combatants, invisible, without humanity, stripped from them by war and the accident of the location of their birth.

A declaration of war should also carry with it a market shutdown on any profiteering from the misery, death and destruction of war. It is an obscenity that people gain obscene wealth from the destruction they help create.

At home and abroad you care nothing for the misery of ruined lives, yet you’ve promised at least a billion pounds to help reconstruct Syria which the UK is now actively destroying, and who profits from that? There is always profit, it’s always about the money and the unrestrained markets, free for corporations maybe, but it is ordinary people the world over who pay the price whilst the rich get ever richer and demonise their victims into the bargain.

War, what is it good for? Profits!