02_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,304

Saturday 02 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

This is the year I very much hope that Britain strikes back.

Your appalling record in office has been a tissue of lies underscored with the most despicable attacks on our ways of life and being.

Not since the second world war has our country been under such despicable and vicious attacks and the worst of it is that it’s been under a blanket of lies, smothering the truth with propaganda that would do William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) proud.

I was born into post war Britain and no one would have dared to call those who fought that war or who were born after of having a culture of entitlement, nor state, as Iain Duncan Smith has, that Britain has suffered under generations of work shy layabouts, scroungers and welfare abusers.

You and your spin doctors have fabricated a Britain that does not exist. You have lied your way into office that under any scrutiny doesn’t hold water, which the victims of all the cuts to flood defences will regard as, at the very least, ironic. The latest news that George Osborne is resisting aid to flood victims is the tale of a vile man who is milking the country for private gain against the lives of ordinary people. His actions expose the lie of trickle down economics for the upwards flood of wealth to thieves who have no conscience or hint of morality, himself included.

We are being robbed by conmen, sacrificed by liars for profit. Our lives were bailed out to the banks and now people starve, including children who have no voice, many with no home, not even breakfast or a decent daily meal, in this, your Tory assaulted Britain.

You once advocated hugging a hoodie, you very quickly recanted that ideology, you wouldn’t let one near you today, with very good reason.