03_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,305

Sunday 03 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am a keen advocate of democracy, the right of ordinary people to speak out and to hold government to account, I yearn for it every day as you work hard to shut it down completely as accountability suffocates under a blanket of lies.

You said in your new year message, “These are the big challenges of our age, some of the biggest our nation has ever faced. And this year is a test of our mettle. Whether we put up with poverty – or put an end to it.” You forgot the other option which is the one you’ve chosen, increasing poverty. A report by the Fabian Society warns that a further 3.6 million people will be driven into poverty by 2030 which includes 1.9 million children. The report also warns that, ‘The number of youngsters living in absolute poverty – meaning their family does not have enough cash for the basics of life – will rise by 800,000 over the same period.’

You said that one of our national values is loyalty. Loyalty to what? Driving people into the violence of poverty is an act of extreme disloyalty to the people.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation finds that the cost of poverty to the nation is ‘at least £25 billion a year’. That’s the false economy of George Osborne’s welfare cuts, they cost the country more and that’s just the financial cost. The price of poverty is also in poor mental and physical health and the long term harmful social consequences of blighted lives.

In your message you also said, “There is just one thing that drives me: what is best for the national interest of our country?” What is best for the national interest of our country is tackling poverty, it affects everyone whether they know it or not. The enormous rise in the number of food banks across the nation since 2010 should be regarded as a national scandal despite the aid they give to those who cannot even afford food. They are a shameful indictment against your governments policies which are crushing the lives and hopes of millions.

Stop the war on the poor!