06_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,307

Wednesday 06 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I began life in what we called ‘the prefabs’ in Eastcote, Middlesex. Somewhere around the age of four we moved onto a post war, newly built, council estate in that town, which was bordered by a private estate. Moving house, both private and council, was a rare occurrence, such that it was an occasion to be remarked on. Life, at least in terms of housing, was settled, we had secure ‘homes’; the least those who fought for this country deserved and which should remain a lasting legacy.

It really wasn’t until much later in my life that houses became just another market commodity with many people using them as a bargaining chip for prosperity, regarding and treating them as a safe bet. The ‘free market’ responded in kind and housing prices shot up to such a degree that interest only mortgages began to proliferate. I have to say that the idea of paying a mortgage for life that really only covered the interest and left people, in the end, with a whole lot of nothing unless they had been able to make separate arrangements to deal with the capital debt once their fake mortgage was paid off, seemed like a whole lot of madness to me.

And so it turned out to be in actuality. Greedy Lenders and, some greedy but mostly naive, borrowers took ever more risky punts on the housing markets and inevitably the whole risk riddled edifice fell over and whilst ordinary people paid through the nose and have been paying ever since, for the banks and financial markets it’s been business as usual, including carrying on awarding themselves bonuses for being such clever criminals. And we’re headed there again in your so called ‘home owning democracy’, which is just another housing scam to enrich the same criminals who profited from the crisis they created in 2008. Meanwhile the ‘City regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, has shelved plans for an inquiry into the culture, pay and behaviour of staff in banking’, which really just goes to show that your government and regulators are as much use as a bag of bent nails, with the emphasis on ‘bent’.

However, this dark and dim witted story is far from over yet. Your plan to end housing security in social housing by ending lifetime tenancies is just feeding the market beast that will eventually bust and the next crash will very likely be even worse than the last one because the market is your god which is worshipped through greed and the lives of ordinary people will continue to be crucified to serve your mad god.

Ending life time tenancies in social housing is just more social cleansing by greed driven fools, destroying communities, family, social and educational security and anything that might have once been described as ‘homes’, once again hitting the poor the hardest. If I ever see politicians or bankers bleeding tears as I’ve seen friends and loved ones do over this last five years I will simply think that justice finally showed up for the architects of austerity.