12_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,313

Tuesday 12 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

A nuclear deterrent and arms proliferation do not increase national security, they increase national insecurity. Invading sovereign nations which have not committed acts of war against the UK are illegal wars which commit the supreme international crime of wars of aggression. They are crimes against peace. You are not defending this nation by going to war against the possibility of attack, any more than I would be protecting myself and family if I attacked someone who I thought might attack me or my family one day. The crime thus committed would be mine and mine alone, the perpetrator, and I would rightly be prosecuted for that crime. Such acts would not in any way increase our security but create insecurity, not least that I might well be incarcerated, leaving my family abandoned, to prevent me engaging in such acts of aggression again.

National security is people having secure homes with security of tenure, a place that children can call home and be safe, where families and individuals can reside without fear of unfeeling government bureaucracy casting them adrift against their will, depriving them of the most basic choice over where they live.

National security is the provision of life serving aids such as mobility scooters, which should be secure and remain available to those who rely on them to maintain a quality of life which, for the physically ably mobile, is taken for granted.

National security is every child having enough food to eat, never going to school hungry and not having to live with the daily violence and the mental and physical assault of poverty.

National security is for the elderly to be safe and warm and not fear that the choice to heat or eat could mark their last winter on Earth or that a fall might leave them helpless to die because no help was at hand because such services were cut.

National security is a government which understands the difference between war and peace and that the cost of war is measured in lives lost before their time, of minds and bodies shattered by a violence that none should suffer. War is ultimately the failure of governments to maintain peace. Teachers don’t make wars, mothers don’t make wars, bakers don’t make wars, children don’t make wars, midwives don’t make wars, governments, tyrants and despots make wars. Teachers, mothers, bakers, children, midwives – the people – pay the price.