02_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,334

Tuesday 02 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It’s refreshing to see the growing opposition to your governments destruction of our NHS. Whether it is attacking students bursaries, junior doctors, cash starving our NHS, the steady privatisation by stealth, plans to turn our NHS into a USA style privatised insurance health system, you have no right to steal what is not yours. It is our NHS, paid for by each and every one of us; publicly funded universal health care free at the point of use and the best health care system in the world.

No one who can afford private health care, or, probably in your case, have it provided as a perk of the job paid for by tax payers, should have a decision in privatising our NHS.

Under such a system many of the poorest will die for want of health treatment, just as they did before the founding of the NHS in 1948. People are living longer not least because of the superb health care system built by the post war generation and paid for by them and those who followed. That we could lose all that in less than a human life time since its inception just so that private companies can make a profit is an appalling indictment on you and your government.

Over 80% of all voters want a publicly funded NHS. Before the 2010 general election you promised ‘no more top-down reorganisations’ of the NHS, a promise made even whilst such plans must already have been in place given the speed at which our NHS was attacked. Your coalition government went on to launch the biggest top-down reorganisation of the NHS in its history.

It isn’t our NHS that needs top down reorganisation, our tax system does. Corporations are laughing all the way to their tax havens and do so with George Osborne’s blessing. Only two days ago it was reported that your government ‘has been privately lobbying the EU to remove from an official blacklist the tax haven through which Google funnels billions of pounds of profits’.

That really shows where your priorities lie. We’ve had endless warnings about an ageing population and the pressure that the NHS is under. If corporations paid their damned taxes for all the benefits they enjoy in Britain at our expense, then you wouldn’t have to deceitfully blame the elderly for the pressure on the NHS, an NHS we have paid our taxes for all our lives.