04_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,336

Thursday 04 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

During your arms junket to the Gulf in 2012 you were pictured wearing a poppy as were others in your delegation. That is not the same as making sure your buttons are done up or wearing a tie, it’s a deliberate act of adding and wearing a symbol of remembrance for all the lives lost to war.

It is an oft used and tired saying that many politicians just ‘don’t get it’, but it’s also sadly true.

I wonder what you make of the all party call for the suspension of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia which Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond admits have been used in Yemen. Inconvenient? Irrelevant? A damned nuisance?

Modern warfare, thanks not least to Bush and Blair, has been twisted to be some kind of peace process, or as Bush said, bringing democracy to the Middle East. That’s the lunacy of our times, the Orwellian dysfunction and dystopia we now live in. The shock and awe required for peace. That’s the kind of lunacy that will see some ultimate fool use nuclear weapons as the final solution for peace and that fool will be a politician.

Warfare is also the indiscriminate killing of civilians, those inconvenient lives that get in the way of war and become collateral damage from guns, drones and bombs that are anything but ‘smart’. And do those civilians have any say in the death meted out on them by politicians? Do they have a democratic voice not to be killed? No they get to be dead or refugees. Yet they, the people, are democracy, if such a thing exists.

Democracy isn’t having a government as against a dictator, democracy is the people and the ability of the people to hold governments to account and modern warfare is the ultimate weapon against democracy. Wars of aggression, the ultimate international crime, have become the new global expression of imperialism. The war against terrorism is itself a war of terror, normalised by politicians and the media to such an extent that war is hardly even news any more. Indeed, you can even wear a poppy whilst promoting it because you just don’t get it.


MPs call for immediate halt of UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia