16_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,344

Tuesday 16 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Jeremy Hunt, the celebrated national champion of vaginal discourse!

Nothing says more about the man than, on the day he announces he will impose his almost universally opposed contract on junior doctors it is announced that he has launched an urgent inquiry into junior doctors’ morale led by Dame Sue Bailey of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges.

Is Hunt really so arrogant, patronising, paternalistic and devoid of sense and reason that he cannot see or begin to understand how offensive this latest move is, at who knows what cost, that he has inflicted on junior doctors who are clearly more intelligent, better qualified and better trained to do their job than Hunt is to do his?

There is only one central reason why junior doctors have recently been on strike for the first time in 40 years – Jeremy Hunt.

He also insulted the intelligence of junior doctors by blaming the British Medical Association for behaving in a “totally irresponsible way” and of “spreading misinformation, as if junior doctors are too dumb to read this new contract and understand the impact it will have on the working conditions and lives of junior doctors and the patients in their care.

Junior doctors delivered to the Department of Health HQ an eight foot mock up of a book called ‘How to Read a Paper – The Basics of Evidence-Based Medicine’ for Hunt’s false and malicious use of statistics about weekend deaths.

It’s not just Hunt. The problem this country faces at every level of government policy is that we have a government which is privileged beyond intelligence and reason. You presume to act with all the inherited arrogance of the privileged classes, talking down to all who are not of your class. Britain has become a totalitarian dictatorship of the privileged and we’re all just peasants in your eyes. That is the most nauseous and egregious insult to the lives and intelligence of ordinary people in all walks of life across the length and breadth of Britain.