18_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,346

Thursday 18 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In your continuing parody act of the Third Reich, but with Bollinger and Eton thrown in, your party is fast disappearing into the realms of lunacy to which you richly deserve to be consigned forever.

Were it not that you have gained your position under false pretences and that people are suffering and dying because of you, you would not be worth a single line of text from this or any other writer.

The latest twist in the junior doctor dispute comes from the chief executive of Health Education England, Professor Ian Cumming, who is threatening to sanction hospitals who have the temerity to offer junior doctors an alternative contract to the one being imposed on them by Jeremy Hunt.

Like Iain Duncan Smith, the preferred weapon of choice of Cumming is a blunt object with which to beat others into submission by cutting off the means of survival.

Such tactics may have worked well for Hitler in the peculiar cultural circumstances of his time, but you are ill equipped to adopt such tactics in a country that took on the might of Germany and prevailed and which has a very different outlook and attitude to life than Germany in the thirties and forties.

Then and now the British have survived the vicissitudes visited upon them with enviable strength of character, but greater than that, with a sharp eye for the ridiculous and wry good humour. What other country could come up with Dad’s Army, Blackadder and that parody of 80s Conservatism, The New Statesman, starring the late, great Rik Mayall, and do them half so well?

Hunt can attempt to reinforce his position with a rather pathetic stoicism claiming that health ministers are historically misunderstood, bless, but the man is a liar and no matter how vehemently he clings to his deceit, he is not worth the paper it would take to misspell his name on even once.

Britain is in the grip of malicious brats who will resort to any deceit to undermine, destabilise and tear apart the state in order to transfer it, lock, stock and barrel, into private hands. The free market you laud so much is anything but, it’s a rigged game and so far as state provision is concerned, you are the party rigging it. You may be impervious to sense or reason, but I can only hope that whatever does bring about the demise of your party will be break you so badly that there won’t even be enough left for the crows to pick over or a dog to throw up.