01_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,358

Tuesday 01 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In your madcap race to privatise everything in Britain of any value to the lowest bidder I wonder why you haven’t thought to sell the people off, after all, if nothing in Britain is going to remain British I am sure there must be some country or company out there that would like to take over the national sovereignty of the people and exploit us. Of course, we could all carry on pretending that we’re British and operate (like our NHS) under that banner, but in reality owned by, say, Australian Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting. I am sure Rinehart would make you a very fine offer and for you it would be a marriage made in heaven as she despises ordinary people as well, wanting to protect her profits by dropping the minimum wage to two Australian dollars (currently £1.03) an hour.

Your latest privatisation wheeze is that because Britain’s infrastructure is falling behind ‘those of key competitors in Europe’ (gosh, how could that be?) semi-privatisation of trunk roads and motorways would ‘allow sovereign wealth funds from countries such as China to lease roads in England’. If successful in meeting targets such countries would be rewarded with a share of the vehicle excise duty and be allowed to charge tolls for road use. George Osborne is apparently backing this scheme which you claim is necessary because of the ‘poor state of Britain’s infrastructure and its public finances’. Please pass on my contempt to George for his long term economic plan which has reduced public finances to such a parlous state.

Making your case for privatising roads, you ask, like a cherry cheeked school boy grappling with logic for the first time, “Why is it that other infrastructure – for example water – is funded by private-sector capital through privately owned, independently regulated utilities, but roads in Britain call on the public finances for funding?”

I can only thank the Bavarian tooth fairy (as I’m not sure if ours hasn’t been sold off) that I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read that, I have already lost too many keyboards to you and your government. How indeed can it be that water is no longer in public ownership and has seen the people of Britain being ripped off for years? Britain’s water came into public ownership because, as Geoffrey Baker wrote in 1990, ‘Water enterprises were usually incompetent and sometimes corrupt, providing piped or carted water to the few who could pay and safe water to no-one’.

Who decided that the way forward was to go backwards? Why it was the lady you so adore and idolise, the lady you Tories so lovingly stabbed in the front, Margaret Thatcher, the woman who, no matter with what reported reluctance, became known as the ‘Milk Snatcher’, ending state milk provision for school children and who destroyed Britain as an industrial nation.

Where will it all end? It’ll end, if you are allowed to carry on the way you are, with nothing left to sell and Britain as a nation betrayed and destroyed for private profit; when all the nations wealth has been transferred into private ownership. Once it has all gone to the grasping profiteers it will be cough up, or cough your last, much to the delight, I am sure, of whoever will then own Britain’s funeral industry. Mind you, it will solve Britain’s so called immigration problem, you could just put a sign up in every port of access, ‘Private property, trespassers will be exploited, prosecuted, persecuted or terminated!’.