01_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,389

Friday 01 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Well, the silence from your government has been deafening as 40,000 workers face losing their jobs at Port Talbot’s Tata Steel works.

Perhaps I should say it hasn’t been total silence as you’ve promised to do everything you can to deal with the crisis, everything, that is, except take the steel works into public ownership, so apart from doing less than everything what have you come up with? It sounds like a whole lot of nothing to me so far.

That nothing and the silence includes, of course, previous losses of the  steel works in Redcar, and the mothballing of plate mills in Scunthorpe, Dalzell in Motherwell, and Clydebridge in Cambuslang, near Glasgow.

But hold on, it’s actually worse than nothing, George Osborne has urged China to bid for seven contracts worth £11.8bn to provide the steel for the HS2 rail link between London and Birmingham, calling it “best practice” to get the firms who will build the track involved in early planning stages.

I assume that best practice includes betraying UK based companies. It must do as you’re allowing and enabling UK steel to hit the wall and die. The loss to Britain is cataclysmic as entire communities are devastated along with all the supporting industries that surround manufacturing, up to 1,000 contractors in Redcar alone, and who knows what that will be in Wales?

Of course, 40,000 job losses in Port Talbot is only a fraction of the picture as that’s just a work centric market view, favoured by you and your government, but the real toll is to hundreds of thousands of real people in real families, but who gathers that kind of data in broken Britain?

In 24 hours 120,597 people have already signed a government petition launched by Jeremy Corbyn calling for you to act to protect our steel industry & recall Parliament.  Apparently you have rejected this. The Sun and members of your party think the petition is pointless grandstanding by Corbyn as parliament needs to be sitting to consider the petition, clearly these are people too stupid to understand the urgency of the situation which Corbyn and the people have made clear. If anything is pointless it is you and your government, and the Sun, of course.