envelope_stickers005The Tories have changed the entire political landscape of Britain, and it hasn’t been a bit of cosmetic landscape design, it’s been a seismic shift, a devastating earthquake.

Many people have struggled, and many are still struggling, to believe what has happened, their credulity simply won’t stretch that far, yet. Many are in shock and still others steadfastly refuse to see what is happening in plain sight.

The government is committing acts of terrorism and economic warfare against the people of Britain on a scale that does beggar belief. Many people are in a state of shock, and it is right that they should be. I cannot find it in me to blame people for being in denial or unable to grasp the enormity of a situation that was none of our making.

As more and more people come out of shock and disbelief and begin to engage with this war against us, more will follow, as a chain reaction and be reassured that they are not going mad and that they are not alone.

The veneer of civilisation remains, lamp posts are still standing, pavements are not heaving, bent and buckled, the earthquake is ideological, it’s hidden in plain sight and it’s minds and lives that are buckled and bent.

The more people engage, the more they take action, the easier it becomes to for people to see and understand. Meanwhile it requires patience, not a sit back and wait patience, but a determined, deliberate patience in which to act and not wait for others to catch up or even complain that they haven’t, yet.

The great body of the British public is a multi person behemoth that is slow to get moving, but once moving it steadily increases in pace until it becomes relentlessly unstoppable.

I am just one old guy, just an ageing hippy, who’s been writing a letter a day to number 10 for four years now and I do wonder every day what more I could do. Chain myself to a lamp post. Paddle a kayak from the source of the Thames down to London with a fucking great banner. Find a wall or a gallery where I can put up a copy of every single letter so far. Block the local bypass and get arrested. Or any of dozens of other ideas that flit through my mind. But right now I’ll keep on doing what I am actually doing until some shattering ray of light blasts me in another direction.

If we do the best we each can do and keep on, keeping on, no one can demand more from us or point a finger which does not have three others pointing back.

So I’ll end with this note.

If it begins with T and ends in ORY it is now abundantly clear that it should never be seen outside of a straitjacket and should be kept under armed guard at all times.

Love, peace and solidarity.

KOG 20 April 2016