A letter a day to number 10. No 1,421

Tuesday 03 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I do not know Zac Goldsmith, I’ve never met the man nor spoken with him, but everything I’ve read about him suggests he is a likeable guy.

As he’s running in a bid to become Mayor of London I would not normally pay too much attention given that I thankfully live in the lush green hills of Somerset but the stridency of his campaign drew my attention. My principle thought was, this campaign has Lynton Crosby written all over it and I was not surprised to learn that his campaign team includes key members of the Crosby team who led your election campaign.

Crosby is a dirt digging propagandist of the worst kind and knows how to make dirt stick and I am guessing the two of you probably got on like a house on fire.

Back in 2013 Goldsmith apparently said he wasn’t interested in running for Mayor, calling it a “suicide mission”, saying, ‘People have had enough of white male Etonians.” He got that right and should have stuck to his guns, instead he decided to run and what followed has been a different sort of suicide mission than perhaps he expected, but he might just have well have put his head down the toilet and pulled the chain.

I have read more than one report that Goldsmith is not comfortable with how the campaign is being run and confided that his handlers were working him to the bone and it appears to me that he hasn’t really got what it takes to run such a dirty campaign, it doesn’t gel.

But before anyone gets dewy eyed for poor old Zac, he’s walked into this eyes wide open and with enough independent wealth to have told the everyone involved to shove their campaign where the sun doesn’t shine. But he didn’t!

So not only is he a hapless fool, a victim of vile propagandists himself, he’s also a gutless fool who, when the going got tough, caved in to a campaign team with all the moral considerations of a bunch of sharks in a feeding frenzy who were prepared to use an image from the London 7/7 bombings to suggest that this is what Londoners could expect if Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, a civil rights lawyer and chairman of Liberty for three years, is elected Mayor of London. Not only should Goldsmith be forced to abandon his pretensions for mayor, he should be drummed out of parliament never to darken the doors of politics ever again.