A letter a day to number 10. No 1,434

Sunday 15 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

If any employee in this nation was suspected of illegal activity and was under investigation, they would be, at the very least, suspended from their job pending the outcome of that investigation and possible trial.

There are at least 11 police forces currently investigating campaign spending covering some 24 constituencies into allegations of false accounting by your party.

A complaint has even been made against you to the police by Adrian Sanders MP over targeted letters sent by you to local constituents in Torbay.

Public denials by you or anyone else involved are irrelevant, as would be a public declaration of innocence by any criminal suspect.

The law must apply and all parties must be accorded the right of innocence until proven guilty, but it is an abuse of power that suspects employed by the public remain in position whilst these investigations are underway.

Right now this situation calls into question every policy on which MPs under investigation have voted. The reality is that this is a democratic and constitutional crisis.

That not a single suspension has occurred is an abuse of privilege, MPs are not above the law and nor should they be above suspension in these circumstances.

Such suspensions would of course have serious consequences, why would they not, they involve high office, but any lack of action has even more serious consequences, bringing government into disrepute and damaging public confidence. The higher the office the greater the responsibility, but that does not seem to have occurred to any of you, or if it has, you all have a very cavalier attitude to the positions that you hold as public servants.