A letter a day to number 10. No 1,458

Wednesday 08 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I have had many people asking me what I think of the EU referendum and I have to say that above all I am angry. I have never seen such a dismal car crash of a campaign (taken all together) in all my life and the biggest and most egregious offenders, unsurprisingly, are you Tories.

There is so much confusion surrounding the referendum it’s mind boggling and that comes down to the way it is being conducted and as, so the saying goes, there are no accidents in politics, then this has been a heinous display of wilful contempt for the people.

If I can’t make my own mind up, if I cannot be clear on what issues to vote on and be clear on my views, there would be little point in me even voting, rendered pointless by politicians. So what can I make out of this stinking mess?

My starting point has to be democracy. Democracy is the power and authority of the people to hold power to account. The EU puts very idea of democracy into question. It is a supranational behemoth over which I, as a citizen, have no say. It is like a gigantic sponge where issues get lost for years, and yet repels any attempt to engage and establish transparency and accountability. It also exists above and beyond national governments and whilst I have an idea of what my national government is up to, despite my best efforts I cannot extend that into the EU. As such, the EU is beyond the scope and range of participative democracy and that sounds a very loud alarm bell as far as I am concerned.

But you know what really sticks in my gullet from both sides in your party, Mr Cameron? It’s all a lie, from people for whom lying is their first language. Crafted lies for a public you despise, that you regard as lesser beings to yourselves and who you hold in contempt. The referendum is stage crafted to deceive an audience you treat like children, without sense, maturity or the power to be sovereign beings whose lives and minds are respected. It is the dreary world of manipulation that you live in, spinning, nudging, pushing for your own self serving reasons and for those interests who lobby and enrich you for their self serving interests. It’s all a charade, just as your promises about the NHS were a charade. Years of plotting and planning that you would never dare share with those who pay your salary and keep you in the lap of luxury. What did people vote for? Treachery. Poor fools.

I wonder if you are even bold enough to renege on the referendum if it doesn’t go your way given that it is not legally binding, as the House of Commons Library makes clear. “The national result, once declared, will be final but it is not legally binding. The European Referendum Act 2015 does not include provisions to implement the result of the referendum (my emphasis); legally, the Government is not bound to follow the outcome.” As a party, you come with treachery built in. Never trust a Tory.