A letter a day to number 10. No 1,462

Sunday 12 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am curious to know why the main stream media, and the BBC in particular, is not reporting on the ongoing protests and civil disruption in France. Of particular national interest in Britain might be that France is considering its position in the EU and whether to leave. It took the business section of the Telegraph to report that 61% of French people favour leaving the EU and want ‘powers returned to the French parliament’ which, unlike Europe, can be held democratically accountable by the people.

Do you not think that what is happening in Britain’s nearest neighbour and currently sister nation in the EU might be of significant interest to the people of Britain at this time? The media silence shows a contempt for democracy and the people of the UK in not providing information which has a direct bearing on our ability to make informed decisions.

The German Deutsche Bank, Europe’s biggest and most powerful financial institution, has seen it shares go into free fall. Deutsche Bank is nearly three times bigger than Lehman Brothers, the first bank to fall in the financial crisis. Based on employee numbers, Deutsche Bank is four times bigger than Lehman Brothers. If Deutsche Bank goes down the Euro will almost certainly fall. Germany would doubtless be forced to step in and bail the bank out, and yet Greece was forced, not least by Germany, to allow their banks to fail. It will not go down well.

You and, recently, Gordon Brown in an impassioned video, have talked about the EU maintaining peace within its collective nations and the perils of leaving the EU. But times have moved on and there is another kind of warfare going on, as we’ve seen in Britain, economic warfare, particularly and most egregiously against ordinary people. That the economic warfare and social crises taking place in the EU are not being reported in the UK is unforgivable.

Just as there is more than one type of warfare, so there is more than one kind of peace and peace and economic security in the EU is under threat. People in the UK fear that if we leave the EU we will be at the mercy of the most vicious government this country has ever seen. The EU has not in any significant way protected ordinary people in six years of Tory misrule; the EU is no knight in shining armour protecting our lives.

So let me spell it out (and I am giving away no secrets here), you are accountable to us, it is our democratic right and within our power to stop you and break you. We the people have to power to shut this country down, just as the French are shutting France down. We are only at your mercy if we allow ourselves to be victims of state brutality. That is the very real choice facing Britain and it is a more important choice than voting in the referendum. The choice is ours, I hope we collectively have the courage to see it through, because if we do not, the failing will be entirely ours. If we fail to even try, we will not only have betrayed ourselves but our children and our children’s children. May that never be.

France Announce Likely Exit From Europe Ahead of Brexit Vote


France Announce Likely Exit From Europe Ahead of Brexit Vote

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