A letter a day to number 10. No 1,509

Monday 01 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

It took about 200,000 years from the birth of humanity to make the NHS and a mere 68 years to dismantle it. It was Britain’s finest achievement yet Jeremy Hunt is close to finishing it off for good and It’s a fair guess that he’ll also bring in an insurance system at some point.

Tories opposed the NHS from day one, a national health service paid for by the people, free at the point of use and admired the world over.

It transformed the lives of the poor and, of course, the poor will suffer the most once it’s gone.

It is an unforgivable step backwards, undertaken with cunning and deception. At the very least the nation should have been consulted and a referendum held, but you know that the nation would not have tolerated it for a moment if it had been honestly declared.

It is the people’s NHS, we’ve paid for it and no government should have the right to steal it away from us.

The NHS has been deliberately under funded to destabilise it, as Diane Abbott wrote in Left Futures, “The Public Accounts Committee said in May (2016) that the NHS is nationally short of 50,000 front line staff and the Government is driving through ¬£22billion in cuts by 2020, which has pushed hospitals and A&E departments to the brink of failure.”

It is nothing more than a confidence trick, parcelling out the nations money to corporations for profit. It is more than shameful, it amounts to robbery by stealth. The Guardian reported in 2015 that patients were already being denied care through treatments being rationed. Jeremy Hunt will never suffer from lack of health care and yet he is forcing his will on those who will certainly suffer from his actions and indeed already are and being driven into acute distress. The degree of Hunt’s dishonesty is appalling, putting lives at risk for profit.

Our understaffed underfunded NHS is the result of government ideology