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A letter a day to number 10. No 1,519

Thursday 11 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

What in the world…? United Lincolnshire hospitals NHS trust (ULHT) has announced that crisis point has been reached and to protect patient safety they are looking to reduce A&E hours because of a shortage of doctors.

Before Andrew Lansley and then Jeremy Hunt got their unlovely hands on our NHS we had a fully functioning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, NHS hospital service in Britain. Now it’s in chaos and, unless I am very much mistaken, reduced A&E hours at ULHT means less than Hunt’s duplicitous 24 hour service and ULHT is far from alone.

Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England, ex-President of Global Strategy for United Health of America (GSUHA), who lobbied for health care around the world to be included in the infamous Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is destroying our NHS.

He is paving the way for privateers to take over each of the 44 ludicrously named ‘Footprint’ areas (they should have been called ‘Steamrollers’ or ‘Jackboots’). His plan is to open up each area to US private health corporations, which is what he lobbied for whilst with GSUHA.

Under his Sustainability and Transformation Plans he is set to reduce A&E departments from the 140 full A&E hospitals in 2013 to between 40 and 70. It’s hard to imagine how they’ll cope with a single Friday night let alone anything else.

This has all come about after David Cameron vowed in 2009 that there would be no more ‘tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures’ of our NHS, since 2010 that’s exactly what we’ve had, the biggest in the history of our NHS. Hunt and Stevens have no mandate to undertake their despicable acts of social vandalism and worse, it’s all taking place underhandedly and deceitfully.

The nation is not being informed by government or the mainstream media. The majority of the pubic simply have no idea what is going on, many of those I’ve spoken to were absolutely clueless. I do not blame them in any way, they are living busy lives, many struggling just to keep their heads above water. They have no time to scrutinise the actions of your government, and well you know it. The first many will know of the situation will be in the event of an emergency, and I wonder how many will not survive those emergencies? This is a national crisis and a tragedy waiting to happen for which Stevens is paid somewhere in the region of £190,000 a year and Hunt £134,565 and given your reappointment of Hunt as Health Secretary, you fully support them.


25_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,413

Monday 25 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

As a fairly seasoned campaigner who has been covering your many and varied nefarious acts of social vandalism daily since March 17th 2012, were I to single out one thing that speaks out above all others it is the abandonment of the governments duty to provide universal health care via the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Mind you, it is a close run thing given what you have done to social security and the carnage you have inflicted on the lives of poor and vulnerable people.

The list of your crimes is too long to list in a single letter, but the sheer magnitude of perfidy of promising to protect our NHS, then abandoning universal publicly owned health care, free at the point of use, is the greatest crime in UK history. Not least because you snuck it through without public consultation to the almost universal silence of the main stream media.

As we all know, if it ain’t on the telly, it ain’t happening and what a tragedy that is.

It took me till May 2014 to grasp what you’d done, over two years after the Act received Royal Assent on 27 March 2012, a scant 10 days after I began these letters, but there is no shame in that other than the shame of a government which has wilfully and unforgivably deceived the nation for six long years now.

The junior doctors contract dispute is much more than it seems on the surface, it is another towering deceit from a government hell bent on privatising our NHS. Forcing an already overstretched workforce to provide a fully operational NHS, which includes elective care (pre-arranged, non-emergency care) seven days a week, is impossible under present staffing numbers. We cannot have both seven day emergency cover and seven day elective cover without an increase in staffing, which your government has been at such pains to reduce.

The only way to provide seven day elective care is to bring in private health care companies. The Mirror newspaper published a list of MPs with links to private healthcare firms in 2015, which included you and Jeremy Hunt and, yes, Hunt’s predecessor Andrew Lansley was in there as well along with 67 others. The writing is on the wall, the NHS is going to the wall, unless we, the public, stand up and support not just junior doctors but our greatest post war achievement, our NHS, which you are hell bent on, and are, taking away from us. It amounts to grand larceny, the crime of unlawfully taking the personal property of another person, or, in this case, an entire nation. The NHS is ours, bought and paid for by us, by the sweat of our labour.

11 ways Cameron’s cuts are hurting the NHS – #FullyFundOurNHS Sell-Off – The Full Movie

23_november_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,264

Monday 23 November 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is typical of Jeremy Hunt (rhyming slang) to take to the Sunday Mail to see what moral outrage he can stir up over the junior doctors almost unanimous decision to strike. Judging by the comments the number of morally outraged intellectual zombies, the preferred readership of that neo-Fascist rag, is falling.

Hunt has no moral high ground from which to argue so he chooses fear mongering instead, warning that patients will be put at risk and some might die when junior doctors strike. Hunt is not of a calibre to get away with increasing the precariousness of doctors hours whilst reducing pay or to plausibly deny he is privatising our NHS. He co-wrote the book, ‘Direct Democracy’, which states, ‘Our ambition should be to break down the barriers between private and public provision, in effect denationalising the provision of health care in Britain’ and ‘We should fund patients, either through the tax system or by way of universal insurance, to purchase health care from the provider of their choice’. In other words a privatised NHS funded by USA style insurance schemes. For him to hit back at Dr Anna Warrington, a member of the junior doctors protest organising committee, who accused him of plotting to privatise the NHS, with, ‘What utter nonsense’, is emptier than a zombies thought process and your promise of ‘no top down reorganisation of the NHS’.

It was Andrew Lansley who removed the ‘secretary of state’s core duty to provide or secure a comprehensive health service, a duty repealed by the first clause of the Health and Social Care Act’, thus opening the door to privatisation. If you remove the governments duty or obligation to provide universal health care, where is it going to come from it not the private sector? Charities? Back street doctors? Heggerty Haggerty?

One of the core aims of neoliberalism is to increase precariousness in the work place which you and your government have pursued relentlessly. Those of us old enough to remember can look back to the days when a job might last for life, with the dubious reward of a gold watch on retirement after 30 or 40 years service, and when a single pay packet might keep an entire family. Such days are long gone, today zero hours contracts are proliferating and self employment is at its highest level since records began 40 years ago because of the imposed fragility of the labour market. Iain Duncan Smith has even managed to break the age old contract of work for pay, introducing forced labour (Workfare) for benefits which are far below the minimum wage and woefully inadequate to provide for all the demands placed upon those afflicted by his heinous policies.

Hunt’s attack on junior doctors is just the latest in the undermining of the work force and working conditions. Hunt cares as little for doctors as he cares for patients and even less for universal health care. He must be beaten now because if he is not the next attack will be worse, junior doctors have patient care in front and Hunt’s knife at their back, adding to the already considerable pressures they are under and making their lives ever more precarious. Junior doctors must win this or we all lose which will ultimately mean the NHS as we know it.


02_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,218

Friday 02 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is long overdue that Jeremy Hunt, that well known typing error and minister in charge of dismantling our NHS, was placed in the stocks and exposed to the public ridicule and retribution he so richly deserves.

As an object lesson I would like to see the reaction if MPs were contracted to work six days a week, Monday to Saturday, working shifts between 7am until 10pm on standard pay in parliament with only a 20 minute break in their working day. The tantrums would raise the roof. Mark Simmonds resigned as an MP last year claiming that his £120,000 salary wasn’t enough to live on, despite being able to claim £27,875 expenses towards renting a home closer to parliament, which alone is £5,239 more than the starting salary of a junior doctor.

We’ve seen the legal profession taking to the streets in protest and now junior doctors in your dismal dismantling of Britain.

Earlier this year I had a life saving operation at 3.30am thanks to the dedicated staff of my local hospital. They deserve every incentive and reward for the work they do but Hunt chooses to penalise them and make tough, demanding, jobs even harder.

If Hunt had any good intentions towards our NHS he would have arranged to implement his policies over time ensuring that training and staff could match the changes without adding more stress and increasing difficulties on staff already under pressure. Instead, as it says in the book he co-authored, ‘Direct Democracy’, he is hell bent on de-nationalising (privatising) our NHS and, indeed, advocates an American style insurance scheme. Ever since he got his filthy hands on our NHS he has worked tirelessly to destabilise it and undermine it, all done with the appalling dishonesty we expect from the Tories.

Hunt shows no desire to serve the people of this country, but those with a vested interest in the privatisation of our NHS, including fellow Tory MPs. He (and Andrew Lansley) is the proof in the pudding of your lie to the nation before the 2010 general election that there would be ‘no more top-down reorganisations of the NHS’. Another of your 2010 pre-election promises was that you would ‘cut the deficit, not the NHS’, £20 billion in cuts soon put the lie to that.

This attack on junior doctors will see many leave if it is implemented and will act as a deterrent for many who might otherwise have chosen to pursue such a career. If people are going to be saddled with huge debts of up to £70,000 for training with no worthwhile job at the end of it, why would they bother? What you are doing to our NHS is a national disgrace and the vilest treachery.


12_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,176

Wednesday 12 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

A friend remarked on Twitter yesterday that she reckoned Priti Patel is going to get a lot of mentions in my letters. I have a feeling she’s right as Patel raises the bar on far right wing bigotry to hitherto unseen heights. I didn’t think anyone could ever outclass Esther McVey but I think Patel is going to make McVey look like Mary Poppins by comparison.

I love a story like this. As Wikipedia tells it, Patel’s parents fled Uganda just prior to Idi Amin’s expulsion of Ugandan Asians and by a sublime twist of fate opened a series of newsagents in my neck of the woods in greater London. In the mid seventies I lived on the outskirts of Uxbridge in Chiltern View Road which was just far enough from the town centre for an Asian run newsagent and general store to run a flourishing business and to be an absolute godsend for the locals. Of course I have no idea if that store was one of the Patel family stores, but it’s well within the realms of possibilities.

Patel grew up enjoying the safety and succour of a nation far from the depredations of Amin and the terrible reality of persecution and death that her parents foresight saved her from. Her life flourished, she was well educated, went to the University of Essex and joined the Conservative Party. After graduating she was snapped up by Andrew Lansley, blah, blah. She later spent time in PR, working closely on a project to limit the damage to British American Tobacco’s reputation that its Burmese investments had caused and lobbied your party on their behalf.

She returned to the party and after a poor start was air lifted into a ‘notionally safe Conservative seat’, the new constituency of Witham in central Essex which she won in 2010. After the 2015 general election she was promoted to cabinet level becoming Minister of State for Employment at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Priti Patel, an A-list right wing Tory, pro the reintroduction of the death sentence, anti same sex marriage, anti prisoner voting, officer of Conservative Friends of Israel, pro bedroom tax, absent for a vote on Human Rights Act 1998 Repeal Bill, pro UK military forces in combat operations overseas and now attack dog for the DWP in the war on the poor who smiles as she delivers her attacks. Not bad for someone who but for luck and good fortune could have ended up in a refugee camp but instead found succour, freedom and fortune in the UK. She says, “Coming from a country where you’re persecuted means that you want to work hard and to contribute to the society where you end up. You become patriotic because you make your new country your home.” She has a hell of a way of showing her gratitude and contributing to society by persecuting the poor.

Stop the war on the poor!



A letter a day to number 10. No 997

Wednesday 11 February 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

How astonishing! The National Health Service (NHS) has had to put aside £26.1 billion, almost a quarter of the annual health budget, to cover legal claims involving medical negligence. The Litigation Authority has revealed that 11,945 lawsuits were filed against the British healthcare service over 2013-2014, compared with 6,562 in 2009-10. That is nearly a 100% rise with the NHS suffering the longest period of funding restrictions in its 66-year history, ‘resulting in the layoff of over 7,000 NHS clinical staff members, including doctors and nurses’.

This, I hasten to add, is on your watch with the NHS first under Andrew (NHS bill train wreck) Lansley and now Jeremy (de-nationalise the NHS) Hunt. You might just as well have sent in a wrecking crew. Oh, you did!

And what are Hunts plans to deal with this unmitigated, unholy, mess? He is expected to present new plans to fine hospitals up to £100,000 which are dishonest about their medical mistakes. I am not sure why hospitals would do such a thing other than because of the acute pressure they are under precisely because of Lansley and Hunt. Perhaps they feared yet more punitive action if the extent of their troubles were made known, after all, you Tories do love a good cover up.

Fining hospitals that are already cut to the bone makes perfect Tory sense I suppose, further destabilising the NHS and paving the way for yet more siphoning of public funds into private hands and, of course, the many MPs with financial interests in health care.

As ever, the people who should be held accountable, fined and sanctioned are you and your government. It is not a case of whether we can afford the NHS, the real issue is that we and our NHS cannot afford you. You are driving us and our national services into the ground and then blaming and penalising us when we make a mess when we hit the dirt. Never in the history of this nation has so much been owed to so many by so few and future generations will surely wonder how so few could steal so much from so many.