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The world is being driven off a cliff, politically and economically, it is astonishing and bewildering how far off the beaten track of common sense and reason we are being driven by people without a shred of humanity and who are corrupt to the bone.

But what is also astonishing, but in no way bewildering, is how the functioning of nations and societies across the globe are being sustained and supported by the daily efforts of the majority of ordinary people, even and despite that many of them are living on the edge of, or are in, crisis.

As the UK government stumbles on, floundering in its own incompetence, driving us backwards into a future of enforced slavery and economic woe for the many, to enrich the few, the enormous task of keeping Britain going on a minute by minute basis carries on, competently and capably handled by the unsung heroes of progress, the ordinary people who make up the body of the nation and who are the living, breathing engine that maintains the life of the nation and all nations.

The people are the biological thrumming heart of the nation, labouring not just for our own personal survival but for the survival of those around us, extending outwards into the global community and every part of it operated by we, the people.

Governments come and go, with varying degrees of competence, some, as now, with ideological agendas driven by greed and raining ruin of the lives of ordinary people.

What makes a nation great is not conquest or war, which are the exclusive domain of governments, and which, without the legions of ordinary people who makes up the armies and are the sacrifice of conquest and the vanities of power, the assumed greatness of the dominant elites would be just so much wishful thinking. Even the tools of government, whatever they may be, are made by ordinary people, in order to govern, the government are entirely dependent on the services of ordinary people. Government is a bureaucratic extension of organised society, a festering boil or enabling bubble, depending on the competence of those elected to office or who seize power for whatever reason.

Thanks to the bankers and the Tories, Britain is a nation in crisis and the only thing that is staving off the worst of that crisis is the people, even as our lives are being increasingly sacrificed to greed.

And if the people are divided by racism, sectarian interests and hatred of ‘other’ of any kind, it is worth asking, what forces and interests drive those divisions and who benefits by them? Whatever answer we might come up with, those who benefit does not include – us – the people. We are all victims of government and media propaganda, which serve the interests of power and greed.

The banking crisis has been used to exclusively and brutally punish ordinary people and were it not for the determination and actions of ordinary people the death toll would be catastrophically higher than it already is. Without food banks, which exist exclusive of government and the financial markets, and through the generosity of ordinary people, hospitals would be swamped with malnutrition and poverty related diseases immeasurably higher than they already are. Without the dedication and iron willed persistence of NHS staff, themselves in crisis due to government malfeasance with malicious intent for the future of our NHS, even more lives would have been lost for want of care. But this doesn’t come close to expressing the effect of the lives of ordinary people on the day to day running of the nation, many people just doing their job, or just doing the caring to which they have dedicated themselves, often without pay or recognition.

If you think of cleaners, a job regarded and treated as low status and consequently low paid, what kind of mess would society be in without them, even for one day? What kind of chaos would the Palace of Westminster, the home of the UK’s two houses of parliament, be in if those whose job it is to clean them daily, decided that, under the imposition of austerity, cleaning would have to be either abandoned or severely restricted and the architects of austerity would have to clean up their own mess? It is doubtful that the government would rethink the status of those they so heavily rely on, without thought or care, day by day, but the complaints and cries of outrage would likely be front page news. The accusations of cleaners holding government to ransom, as the government has the nation, would be loud and long.

It is a curious truth that the more privileged people are, the more they take for granted and denigrate (look down on) the lives of those who maintain their comforts, and, indeed, go to great lengths to withhold the taxes they owe to the nation, expecting the rest of us to pick up the tab for the nations infrastructure and maintenance on which they also rely on a daily basis, and, thanks to government policy, are further enriched, whilst, again due to government policies, the rest of us are impoverished.

Since 2010, Britain has been turned into an open penal colony, specifically targeting the poorest and most vulnerable people by design and intent, that it continues to function on a day by day basis and resists the chaos of a government gone rogue, is all down to the people, to the good will and intent, consciously or unconsciously, of ordinary people going about the business of surviving this most despicable of governments in the UK’s long history.

The wealth of the nation is the people, and we survive despite the government, who have criminalized poverty and driven hundreds of thousands to death through economic murder by intent, which in this writers eyes counts as genocide.

There will be a reckoning, and it looks like it will be soon, because enough is enough. Even Bankers Morgan Stanley, no friend to ordinary people and as much a part of the problem as any other bank, predict the government will fall in 2018 over May’s Brexit omnishambles. Whatever the final cause, the fall of the Tory imposters to government cannot come too soon.

KOG. 06 December 2017



I very much doubt that I have this buttoned up yet, but this is a start.

In striving to understand how the economy really works as against the ridiculous fairy stories we are told to dutifully swallow, I have had to give up some cherished sacred cows which are tied in with my outrage against a government which is causing so many people hideous pain and suffering and driving many to their deaths.

When Theresa May stood up in PMQs, facing Jeremy Corbyn, and brayed that he’s, ‘waiting to bankrupt our country’, knowing that the Tories have created more government debt than all of Labour throughout its history, I want to be outraged at her egregious lies and to point out that George Osborne doubled the debt whilst promising and dismally failing to pay it down.

I have written about the great puzzle of the national debt, and asked where all the money has gone and who do we owe this mountain of debt to anyway?

To discover that this is all pantomime for the public and a complete sham is incredibly difficult to grasp as is letting go of the righteous indignation I have attached to it. I want reasons to be outraged, they deserve it. I want to expose them, and beat them with my anger and outrage and call them to account.

Yet I also remember George Osborne selling off the family silver and asset stripping the nation, to help pay down the debt, and wondering, as I did with the sell off of Royal Mail which was flogged off for a dismally undervalued price of £3.3 billion, ‘How is this going to help pay down the debt, the interest charges on the national debt will swallow these piddling sums in no time?’

But once I stopped frothing at the mouth and chewing my own spleen, I realised that what the Tories are up to is far, far worse than I imagined. Osborne wasn’t even trying to pay down any debt, he was just asset stripping the UK to enrich the vultures in the private sector. The answer to the question of where the money has all gone was simple, to the private sector. Austerity wasn’t about paying down the debt, that was the smokescreen for the transfer of public wealth into private hands. People were dying merely to feed the greed of the private sector, the amount of debt didn’t matter, it had nothing to do with anything.

Jeremy Corbyn has exactly the right answers to the problem in his fully costed manifesto. Invest in the public sector, build houses, create jobs, pay people a decent wage, take our NHS back, grow GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which is what good government investment is about. The ratio between GDP and debt (investment) is that as GDP increases the debt falls (the investment pays off). Government debt is just the sum of its investments, the problem was that George Osborne wasn’t using government money for investment, he was using it to enrich his mates in the City, whilst cutting public investment to the bone. People were dying solely for greed, everything else was horse shit.

Whilst we’re trembling away or raging at the size of the national debt, coke head Osborne and the his equally coked up city boys were laughing their socks off as was every Tory MP with private interests in health care and everything else they don’t bother to mention.

Remember Theresa May telling the nurse, “there isn’t a magic money tree that we can shake that suddenly provides for everything that people want”? Damn right. This is the party that’s privatising you, your grandmother and your children, not to mention your health and the cancer that’s eating you alive. The Mirror reported that Jeremy Hunt told the government Health Select Committee, ‘Britain’s care time bomb is “one of the biggest commercial opportunities” for private firms’. Boom!

When the government bailed out the banks, we all thought that we had to pay it back, because that’s what they told us, but that isn’t what happened, all the government did was shake the magic money tree, because the government is a sovereign money supplier.

We, the people, are not the provider of money to the government, we don’t make money, we make stuff and when we make stuff we’re paid in money tokens provided by the government. Have you every wondered where your next penny is coming from? That’s because we have no control over the money supply, we are not allowed to print money or magic it up on our computer screens. We do not make money and we do not supply money to the government, they supply it to us. Before we can ever pay any taxes, the government must spend money into the economy so that we have something to pay taxes with, because they won’t accept turnips or eggs, or any of the real stuff that we can make.

So what do taxes do? At a local level taxes pay for services from local government, because local government is not a currency provider and needs an income to pay for public services, like domestic waste disposal. Taxes also help keep the economy stable, in times of growth they are increased to prevent inflation and when growth falls, reduced taxes encourage spending and investment. Another vital use of taxes is to prevent inequality and too much wealth being drawn off into too few hands. Extreme polarised wealth is a drain on the economy, because all that wealth stashed away in tax havens has to be covered by some ‘body’ and that body is ‘government’. Money only means something if is backed by trust and certainty, and it is government which is the backer and which provides the certainty that money has any value at all. If money is just stashed away, gambled on financial markets, feeding itself and no one else, and not working in the wider economy, it is a net drain on the wider economy. Tax evasion is a rich persons gain for a poor persons loss, it costs all of us.

It’s easy to see how this worked in the banking crisis, the financial markets were in a closed loop, like tax havens, a boys own club, making obscene profits on dodgy bets. No one outside of this gambling spree was benefiting from it, least of all the poor buggers scammed into buying dodgy mortgages they could never pay back. When it all fell apart around the worthless bankers necks it threatened the stability of money, they had betrayed the confidence and trust that money must have for it to work. The only thing that could save the situation was for national governments, the sovereign suppliers of money, to step in.

Austerity, to pay down the debt, was a confidence trick Cameron and Osborne pulled, using the ‘crisis’ to further the gains of the super rich. Austerity was and is the most fantastically corrupt scam ever pulled by a government on its people and people have paid for that scam with their lives.

As best as I can tell at this moment in time, what happens to our real earned money that is taken in taxes is that it disappears, it’s written off. The government has no need of tax money for its own spending. Of anything that taxation can do, paying for government spending isn’t one of them. So taxing the rich doesn’t pay for the poor, it just prevents the extreme polarisation of wealth. It is the governments job and duty to relieve poverty, no one else’s. And, no, no knife wielding dick is paying for people on benefits or disabled people, or paying a coppers wages, or for immigrants, or for your health. It’s all a gigantic lie and it is time to call time on governments, and the Tories in particular, who propagate the lie and to sort the magic money tree out and make it work for all the people, not just the few.

Exactly what Jeremy Corbyn has promised to do… to the screams of Tory outrage.

KOG. 24 July 2017


In any, great or small, news event there is an untold story which is blandly accepted as the norm but which is long overdue for change as no longer socially or morally acceptable.

The snarling hoards of the corporate and freelance media fall like jackals on anything that smells like a ‘good’ story no matter how good or, more importantly, bad it is. Whatever article emerges to excite or inflame the public has little to do with the feeding frenzy which precedes it.

We’ve had the Leveson enquiry at a cost of £50 million of public money and although Parliament approved Article 40, Theresa May has promised to repeal it and to scrap Leveson 2, so there is little point in my pursuing Levison here.

What remains is that the press are not self regulating, they are not behaving responsibly, they cause untold distress and harassment to the public under the most brutal circumstances, Manchester being the latest case in point, the details of which I will not go into here (see Huckmagazine and Zelo Street links below).

What is needed, once again, is the exercise of grass roots democracy through social media, independent citizen media, blogs and so on to hold the media jackals to account and hold their feet firmly in the flames of public critique and dissent.

In the cult of money and corporate greed, do what thou wilt shall no longer be the whole of the law.

Just doing a job regardless of the suffering and pain it may cause is not longer acceptable, employers and to a lesser extent employees, because many are held over a financially corrupt barrel, have got away with it for too long. The free markets, so beloved of the Conservatives, enjoy entirely one sided freedoms, the lack of restraint they enjoy is paid for by us, the people. The so called banking crisis was a prime example which, in fact, became, almost overnight, the people’s crisis under which we are still suffering. The criminal banks and financial markets got off scot-free.

The mainstream media has a reckoning coming, they have ridden the gravy train for too long and are becoming ever more feral. Five billionaires own 80% of the British media, they are Rupert Murdoch, Jonathon Harmsworth, Richard Desmond and the Barclay’s Twins, who are at pains to avoid UK tax let alone scrutiny, and that’s not to mention Evgeny Lebedev, George Osborne’s new boss, scion of a former KGB boss. Even the BBC has been infiltrated by right wing propagandists.

The very heart of the British press is rotten to the core, as spineless as an amoeba, as full of shit as a cess pit in a country pile, with the morals of a serial killer and a propagandists wet dream.

It’s time to call time on the main stream media and give them no mercy, or, at least, extend to them the mercy they show others, which amounts to the same thing. If Theresa May is so fond of hunting then let’s declare open season on the jackals of the media as of right now.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,536

Sunday 28 August 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

Salford’s Unemployed & Community Resource Centre reports that David (no surname given) was repeatedly sanctioned, “This resulted in him being unable to control his diabetes because he had no money for food. This caused diabetic ulcers which became infected and he had to have a leg amputated. All his sanctions were eventually overturned, but it was too late.”

Depriving people of the means of survival has serious and deadly consequences. I and others have repeatedly warned that people’s lives are being put at risk, many are already dead, through a draconian punitive policy that no court in the land would consider for a moment. The DWP’s secret penal system is a travesty.

The Guardian reported that the DWP has had to issue a ‘new policy for all DWP businesses to help them manage suicide and self-harm declarations from customers’.

This descent into barbarism has no place in a supposedly civilised nation.

Although we were given no choice in the matter, we, the people, bailed out the banks and since then we’ve been told again and again that we are also responsible for paying down the debt left by the bank bail out. That’s a nice double whammy for the vast majority of people who had no part in the failure and greed of the banks which led to the banking crisis.

When George Osborne proposed cuts to working Tax Credits he said in his Summer Budget 2015 speech, “So those who oppose any savings to Tax Credits will have to explain how on earth they propose to eliminate the deficit, let alone run a surplus and pay down debt.” Attacking low paid workers to pay down the debt is the most obscene travesty of justice, as are the tens of £billions in cuts imposed on the poorest and most vulnerable people in Britain.

David has lost his leg as the price for a tissue of lies that we were in any way responsible for the criminal activities of the banks. What part did ordinary people play in the fall of Lehman Brothers which triggered the banking crisis? The clue is in the description and the answer is – None! The banks aggressively sold junk mortgage securities which were given AAA ratings and which, unsurprisingly, blew up in their faces. Yet the banks have been allowed to carry on with business as usual. Osborne even tried, post crash, to protect bankers bonuses in Europe using public money. You couldn’t make it up!

30_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,301

Wednesday 30 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Now that you’ve taken advantage of the floods for a photo opportunity and to point at things perhaps you’d like to take the opportunity explain why flood defence spending has been cut year on year since 2010 and why a report by the Committee on Climate Change which recommended you ‘develop a strategy to address the increasing number of homes in areas of high flood risk’ was rejected?

In January 2014 George Monbiot raised the issue of the disastrous consequences of stripping upland areas, saying that this has been known to the British government for decades. A study undertaken in Pontbren found that in reforested uplands rainwater ‘sinks into the soil under trees at 67 times the rate at which it sinks into the soil under grass’. He also pointed out that instead of encouraging farmers to protect such areas they are being paid to strip them and farm them, with inevitable consequences downstream.

Back in 2012 in defending cuts in flood defences a spokeswoman for Caroline Spelman, the environment secretary, said, ‘Labour left us with a massive debt problem, spending £120m every day (currently in excess of £143m every day) just paying the interest on the debt – very difficult decisions have had to be made regarding where to cut spending’. This is a grand use of spin, Mary Creagh, Labour’s shadow environment secretary warned, ‘ flooding is the biggest threat the country faces’. I am not sure I agree with her on that, your government is. However, to spin the banking crisis as Labours fault and therefore to pretty much put the blame for cuts in flood defences on Labour is just playing politics with people’s lives and is utterly despicable and unforgivable.

There is a further matter that needs addressing urgently. Plaid Cymru put in a Freedom Of Information request, ‘whether exemptions would apply to the policy of applying benefit sanctions against unemployed people who fail to attend Jobcentre appointments due to poor weather conditions (such as snow), or other unforeseen circumstances’. In response the ‘DWP confirmed that poor weather was not taken into account when deciding whether a benefit claimant should be sanctioned, but that the final decision is always left to the discretion of individual Jobcentre managers’.

The brutality of the DWP sanctions regime is now infamous and Jobcentre staff are under enormous pressure to sanction people as the Guardian reported, ‘a Jobcentre whistleblower alleged that the entire staff at one Jobcentre were threatened with disciplinary measures if they failed to get enough unemployed people off benefits, or referred sufficient numbers of them for benefit sanctions’. I wonder how long will it be before the reports start coming in that people who have lost their homes through flooding are also being deprived of any means of survival?

25_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,240

Sunday 25 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The only test for any government policy is its impact on the ground in the real world, not some cooked up nonsense spun from a government office or department and especially not a PR department.

The Trussell Trust latest figures reveal that 1,084,604 people were given food parcels in 2014/15, 687,607 to adults and 396,997 to children. This is a catastrophic rise from the 61,468 handed out in 2010/11, your first year in coalition.

The richest people have seen their wealth double since the banking crisis. Government policy attacks the poor whilst the richest are rewarded, that is the reality of austerity in Britain. George Osborne announced in his budget that families could pass an increase to £1 million on to their children free of inheritance tax. He lowered corporation tax from 28% to 20% over the period of the coalition government, but has lowered it further to 18%. However, in proposing a then freeze on Tax Credits he remarked, ‘So those who oppose any savings to Tax Credits will have to explain how on earth they propose to eliminate the deficit’. He thus made it clear that eliminating the deficit is the sole responsibility of the poor. The rich are not only protected, they are rewarded whilst the poorer you are the more you are penalised and let’s not forget where the deficit came from, the banks who will directly benefit from the lowered corporation tax. Britain’s corporation tax is the lowest in the G20 and we’re also giving businesses £93 billion a year in subsidies, that’s a welfare gift of more than £3,500 from each UK household.

The magnitude of the injustices being heaped on the poor are utterly staggering. You are literally crushing the life out of the poor, knowingly, wilfully and with malice aforethought. There is no justice in it, no hint of ‘fairness’, a word Osborne is fond of using, and no ‘security’, his new catchword applied to everything except the poor other than in proposing more cuts in tax credits next year to pay for ‘national security’.

This is the relentless wholesale destruction of the poorest and most vulnerable people in Britain and is nothing more than cold blooded, callous, brutality. Your government has blood on its hands and you couldn’t care less and Tory MPs openly mock the poor in parliament. Britain now ranks amongst the worlds brutal dictatorships.

05_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,169

Wednesday 05 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

One of the reasons for Jeremy Corbyn’s success, and it may well be the main reason, is that the people of Britain are tired of bullshit politics from bullshit politicians, which encompasses your entire government. What does that mean? It means the deliberate and relentless peddling of fear, mistrust, hatred, insecurity, division, lies and propaganda with malicious intent to deceive and to oppress.

Al Gore said of the continuous use of fear after 9/11, “Fear drives out reason. Fear suppresses the politics of discourse and opens the door to the politics of destruction”. Let’s be real about what you are doing, the banking crisis and austerity are merely the excuses for the destruction of the state, the NHS and our system of social security. As in America so here and Gore got that bang on.

What Corbyn is giving back to this nation is the politics of discourse in plain language, never stooping to the fear mongering deceit of those who oppose him. Is it any wonder that people were thronging the streets around Camden Town Hall and Corbyn had to speak to them from the top of a fire engine? As he said in a brief interview, the response to him is ‘a thirst for ideas, a thirst for people who want to live in a decent, fair and equal society and are fed up with being told austerity works when they know it doesn’t’.

Britain can afford to give corporations welfare handouts of £93 billion a year, afford corporate tax handouts and inheritance tax give aways, afford to replace Trident with new weapons of mass destruction, afford to build a high speed rail link between London and Birmingham at a revised cost of £42.6 billion, afford to sell off RBS bank at a loss to the tax payer both in terms of value and loss of income from profits. Yet Britain cannot afford poor, sick and disabled people, cannot afford the Independent Living Fund for the most disabled people, cannot afford to educate our young people at university without crippling them with debt, cannot afford our ageing population or a publicly funded universal health care system. Bullshit!

People are silenced by bullshit, fear and doubt and yet many are persuaded to stick with it, the long term economic bullshit plan, because fear works in its twisted way as you well know. It’s all designed to wrong foot us every step of the way in a relentless stream of bullshit until we’re sick to our back teeth of it, until a breath of fresh air comes along and people start taking great gulps of it and they join the discourse because it is bullshit free, understandable and accessible.

No one can argue with bullshit, it is designed precisely to be impregnable to sense or reason, it’s designed to keep people wrong footed, docile, morally and spiritually damaged and even to despair of life. Above all, it is inexcusable and unforgivable.

28_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,131

Sunday 28 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

People ask me how I can write these letters day after day? I can write them because I have no mercy in my soul for you. You do not forgive someone for abusing you knowing they will do it again the next day, you set your heart, mind and will like granite against them, yet I at least exercise restraint where you do not. You are committing violence against the people every single day and we are not using the militarised Police to beat you up with weapons and nerve holds, crashing you to the ground, that’s what you do, those are your tactics and you should be, at least, grateful that we are not kettling you, forcibly restraining and arresting you, which you richly deserve and we do not.

The bankers bail out slips so easily off the tongue, but how many bankers have died because of their greedy, wilful and recklessly criminal behaviour? And as a consequence, how many ordinary people have died? How many children are going hungry?

How many MPs or their family members have died as a consequence of the banking crisis and the imposition of austerity?

In the last five years I have bought a few ‘Letter a Day’ tee shirts and a few for others, some socks and underpants last year, and a pair of boots to replace my single pair of shoes that were plain worn out, but which, in fact, I still wear. What have you paid for this austerity you have imposed on us that you claim we are all in together? Name one single thing and make good what are otherwise empty words.

I have paid for these letters with a little help from my friends, but I have paid through depriving myself of real world stuff, like clothing, for something I believe in and actually I don’t much care about ‘stuff’ or how scruffy I look, I care about life. What have you paid, Mr Cameron, for this austerity that you so ardently believe in and impose on us? Name it, name the price of your conviction, on paper, for all to see, and let us be the judge of your conviction.

We are a nation and, indeed, a world afflicted with the politics of fear and hate. The terrorist (a modern catch-all invention), the immigrant, the benefit scrounger, the undeserving poor, the malingering disabled, poverty porn, the religious extremist, those divisive Scots, too many ageing people, the feckless workless young. Endless meaningless vapid nonsense!

The greatest threat to the world today is corporate and financial terrorism, which is what TTIP and ISDL mean. And then there’s corporate welfare, worth, according to the Guardian in October last year, £85 billion of our money. If a fraction of the time spent by politicians and the media mercilessly vilifying ordinary people was spent on vilifying benefits for the welfare eating, rich corporate money grubbers, we might begin to see some social justice in this country. In the face of such extremism, we act with admirable constraint where you do not because, make no mistake, utterly corrupt neoliberal corporate greed and the imposition of poverty is violence and that is what austerity means to millions of ordinary people.

16_june_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,119

Tuesday 16 June 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Looking back to the banking crisis, I think one of the most remarkable things about it was that it never occurred to the vast majority of ordinary people, including me, that it would become the goose that laid the golden egg. I don’t for one moment think it was naivete or ignorance on our part, it is simply that ordinary decent people simply don’t have a criminal mind set, and certainly not to pull off a heist on such a vast global scale.

I believed it really was a crisis and not a consequence of a vast crime, after all that’s what was screamed on every headline and every news broadcast. We weren’t given time to think, but then thinking probably wouldn’t have done us much good because the sheer scale of criminality and the minds that pursued it is simply beyond our ken. I am still staggered at the enormity of it just as I am staggered by what followed.

‘The banks are too big to fail’, we were told, so governments took all our hard earned money and bailed them out. No time for a referendum, not a moment to lose. Like a great big enormous food bank the national larder was plundered and given to the banks with hardly a whimper of protest. Remind me, did anyone thank us for our largesse, was there even one, single, word of gratitude, any where? Was there a general amnesty for the public on interest charges for loans and credit cards or a single penny off debt? No, what we now had to do was PAY OFF THE BANKS DEBT!

Enter the Tories and Osbornomics… Britain can no longer afford our public services, the nation must be asset stripped and handed over to private ownership – schools, fire stations and fire engines, coast guards, police, health care, care in the community, disability assessment, PFI, Royal Mail, prisons and probation, bank holdings, social housing, you name it, the biggest fire sale in our history, except for one small issue, we still pay for all of it at rip off prices; a monstrous transfer of public wealth into private hands.

Our generosity was rewarded with permanent austerity and the biggest axe fell on the poor, the unemployed, the sick and disabled. Britain was to be robbed of its universal social safety net (paid for by us) and thus ensued the heinous campaign of demonisation and vilification of the poor and most vulnerable people in Britain. The poor were made the whipping boy, dragging the country down and preventing recovery, accused of having a culture of entitlement by you (the irony!), and therefore stripped to the bone. Benefit denial, loss of legal aid, loss of employment rights, zero hours contracts, Workfare, bailiffs, loss of homes, even plans to scrap the human rights act and in Britain not one banker went to gaol. The richest people have enjoyed a bonanza, doubling their wealth, the crooked bankers are rolling in bonuses and business as usual and a government of cowboy millionaires live in luxury and you have the unmitigated gall to tell us we’re all in it together. Well , yes we are, the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to wealthy private interests, bankers, hedge funds and corporations. Poor geese farting out golden eggs for criminals to fill their nests with whilst we count our dead.