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Philip Hammond recently said to Andrew Marr, “Public sector pay raced ahead of private sector pay after the crash in 2008/9 and taking public sector pay, before pension contributions, that gap is now closed, public and private sector pay on average are round about the same.”

This statement by Philip Hammond is a golden nugget, a mini master class on the arrogance of privilege.

Prior to 2010 public sector pay was subject to modest rules, improvements and protections, teachers, nurses and other public sector workers were not getting rich off the fat of the land, running huge investment portfolios or making off with million pound bonuses. They might get cost of living rises, but little more than that. They are just part of the vast body of workers, public and private, who live modest lives on modest means and who keep Britain running, day by day, year in year out.

What they did not do, any more than those struggling in poverty, or disabled people or young or old people, was to crash the global economy. Had they done so it is certain that, unlike the way bankers were treated, the government and the media would have screamed it from the roof tops. Oh, but hang on, they did scream it from the roof tops. Benefit scroungers, work shy and lazy, sleeping off a life on benefits, generations of unemployed, ‘cuts for the poor’, George Osborne cried, ‘how else are we to pay down the debt?’

Private sector wages took a hit after the crash and so, in the words of Hammond, ‘Public sector pay raced ahead of private sector pay’, clever mealy mouthed words which justified cuts to public sector wages to drive them down to match dismal, struggling, private sector wages. A gap which Hammond now proudly announces is closed. Fairness and justice for all, the Tory way.

In the exciting new private sector gig economy, of low pay, no pay, zero hours contracts, we can’t have the public sector undermining the first world free market slide into third world, sweat shop, employment. Globalisation and liberalised markets means everyone must scrabble to the bottom and be grateful if the food banks haven’t run out of food.

And if public sector workers complain, they get told firmly, ‘There’s no magic money tree you know’. Except for the rich, of course, people like multi millionaire Philip Hammond who has never suffered a days austerity in his life.

It is the privilege of the privileged to kick and cull the poor. It is a time honoured tradition, like conkers and casual racism.

No one, but no one, screams louder against social justice than those who profit from injustice, for whom inequality is a way of life and for whom money is the measure of their own worth and who, by dint of their own excessive wealth, demand ever more. They give tax cuts to the rich and arrest beggars on the streets. They own multiple properties and despise the homeless. They have fancy schemes to avoid paying taxes and stash their wealth in tax havens yet hound and prosecute the cash in hand window cleaner as a bad citizen if every penny is not accounted for and taxed.

It would be laughable were it not so stinkingly mean, if Hammond wasn’t really just a grasping crook and a dismal throw back to the days of work houses and gruel for the poor, taking vicious pleasure in flogging the urchin who dares to ask for a penn’orth more gruel.

And the greatest tragedy of all is. after all their lies, of hounding the poor to death, of stealing the food from the mouths of children, finding the food bank empty and facing another horrific week of poverty and despair, Tory propaganda is so successful that vast numbers of the poor go to the polling booth and vote for them. That is the Tories greatest success and the worst travesty of any form of natural justice. Or, perhaps the very worst travesty of all, is the Tories delight in mocking and shaming the deceived poor, laughing and jeering in parliament when they cut their incomes further.

Hidden in Hammond’s weasel words lies a profound truth, in the pursuit of wealth our lives are less than bargaining chips, of less value than wheat or steel or the minerals poverty workers drag from the earth, rather we are expendable stock. They care nothing for the substance of our lives or whether we live or die.

The poor are suffered to exist only to serve the interests of the rich.

KOG. 17 July 1017



19_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,290

Saturday 19 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Nice to see that you’ve had to increase the number of your special advisers and spin doctors which cost us £11.1 million last year because if anyone needs them, you do. I am fascinated by the world of PR/spin/propaganda, call it what you will, managing public perception or, more correctly, deception and it takes you a small army to do it.

Here’s the thing though, it really doesn’t matter how many people you spend our money on to deceive us, they might be able to affect perception, but they can’t change reality.

One of the curses of progress, for you, is education. An enquiring, informed public is harder to manage than an ignorant one. Small wonder that Michael Gove as education secretary favoured rote learning over enquiry. Rote learning is one of the keys to success is how he span it, which is absolute nonsense of course. People asking questions and enquiring can be extremely inconvenient. Let’s just examine your war on the poor for a moment. You could never have got away with it unless your legion of spin doctors hadn’t manufactured contempt for the poor. If you can turn compassion into contempt then you can get away with murder. The problem is that compassion is innate so you have you keep pumping out the lies and spin in order to smother people’s innate caring. One of your more egregious lies was accusing the poor of having a culture of entitlement. On its own that would have been laughably insane so the poor had to be rebranded as benefit scroungers, milking the system of hard working people’s cash. As Osborne put it, “Where is the fairness, we ask, for the shift-worker, leaving home in the dark hours of the early morning, who looks up at the closed blinds of their next-door neighbour sleeping off a life on benefits.” Just manufacture up some hate there George.

A lot of stuff got dumped in the Christmas skip on Thursday, 424 documents thrown into the rubbish skip of democracy and accountability, hoping no one would notice, as you all sidle off for a nice little seasonal break. One of the nuggets that was conveniently dumped was the failure of the bedroom tax, from the department of the very man who orchestrated it, the hardship it is causing and its failure to free up housing. The bedroom tax was and is a brutal attack on the poor. The only incentives it imposes are for people to starve themselves and be driven to despair. First you marginalise them then you crush them.

Democracy is the people engaging socially and it frightens the living daylights out of those who oppose it, look at what you and the right wing media are doing to Jeremy Corbyn as he encourages and champions democratic involvement. He’s got you spinners of lies in a real muck sweat, which I have to say is rather pleasing to see, but the hate filled propaganda is as disgusting as it is unforgivable from the enemies of democracy. Readers of Murdoch’s Sun in particular would do well to think about that rather than allowing themselves to be led by the nose.

10_may_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,081

Sunday 10 May 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Middle England has spoken and you’ve got a slim working majority. If that majority represents anything at all it is the triumph of un-reason. Many consider that the applauding of austerity and the cuts to the poor is down to an attitude of ‘I’m alright Jack’. Whilst that may be the superficial reason it is fundamentally born out of ignorance by those who simply have not as yet felt the weight of your cuts, privatisation programme and the destruction of our public services. They now have five long years of unbridled Tory misrule to learn to regret their ignorance. The bleating will doubtless be long and loud.

Of course some people forgot to vote and the lamest excuse I’ve come across, from an accountant, is, “OH GOD! I forgot to vote. Cannot believe it. If only somebody on Twitter had mentioned it, or urged me to vote, I might have remembered…..” I hope that if he has a house fire there is a fire service available to come to his aid, if someone on Twitter reminds him to phone them, that is.

For those who rely on help from society for whatever reason, another five years of you and your government is going to be an unmitigated disaster, striking terror in their hearts and facing the very real possibility of literally being driven to death.

Austerity is merely the deceit of transferring financial risk to the poor. Capitalising on people who Iain Duncan Smith refers to as ‘stock’ and treated as expendable, after all suicide is good for business, getting rid of the high cost elements and concentrating on the stock you can manipulate, not the dead end stock, like the disabled.

If poverty could cure itself, it would have done so long, long ago. Creating yet more poverty is the purposeful driving of people into desperation, that’s good for exploitation, low wages, zero hours contracts and profits. Every business that exploits it’s workforce by keeping them dirt poor passes on the responsibility for their survival to the tax payer. Such businesses are the real benefit scroungers which you so avidly support.

You protect the wealthy at the expense of the poor and the next five years of Tory triumphalism is something which the poor will pay dearly for. If middle England ever wakes up it will be far too late for them to scream, ‘Help!’ as the people with the wisdom, knowledge and hard won experience to help them (given for free) may not even be alive.