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The bible is a remarkable book, it has influenced and shaped world history for nearly 2000 years. It is an apocryphal tale which many believe is literally the word of God, yet even if taken literally, those who do so interpret it wildly to suit any agenda they wish to pursue, hence the many and diverse Christian factions and churches.

Whilst it is a very difficult book to wade through, it is a book I recommend highly to critical and wary readers (treat it with all the respect you might a stick of dynamite on which the fuse is lit) because we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, affected by its outworking in history to the present day.

Put very simply the bible is a book of Law and Grace and a tale of the abject failure of human kind to work out their affairs justly under the rule of law without the necessary application of grace, consideration and loving kindness. To this day it is easy to see that the world is dominated by biblical Pharisees, those who adhere to the rigid dogma of law and claim moral and spiritual superiority, against those of a more common and gentle nature who live by the virtues of loving kindness and social justice to whom moral and spiritual superiority hold no interest.

Today, then, I give you, the Tories and those who they consider to be ‘stock’ (especially those unable to work), the common herd, ordinary people. It is no small thing that Theresa May is the daughter of a Church of England Vicar, the Rev. Hubert Brasier, yet she exhibits all the traits of a brutal dictator and none of the virtues of Christ. Her religion is the religion of money, the unrestrained free markets, the destruction of public services, the robbing of the wealth of the nation and the deprivation, penalisation and hounding of the poor and most vulnerable people in society to death.

Recent events have shown that Theresa May is a horrific grasper after power at any price to pursue her dogma of social destruction and regression, the pursuit of the transfer of public wealth into private hands and the wanton destruction of our public services including our NHS.

It is into this social crisis that Jeremy Corbyn has emerged, against all the odds and political (including those in his own party) and media machinations and forces raised against him. A champion of the underdogs, defender of the rights of ordinary people, a fierce campaigner for social justice, a straight talking, plain speaking man of the people who has been accused of inciting religious fervour and even casting an ‘Orphic spell’ (by Boris Johnson) over the minds of the dumb masses and who ironically and coincidentally shares the same initials as the beardie chap of the biblical New Testament.

It is a modern epic of good versus evil and the stuff of every fairy tale since time began, except this time we are living it and the price for ordinary people is monstrous. On the one hand we have a conniving, lying, cheating, stealing party of the rich and powerful against Jeremy Corbyn and all those who champion social justice, in which I happily include myself, the cares and concerns of ordinary people and the well being and interests of the many and not just the privileged few.

For all those who see themselves small in their own eyes, who face the vast forces of modern day oppression, not knowing what to do, how to express their fears and who feel they have no voice and still less anyone to listen, a glimmer, and for many, a beacon, of hope has emerged. It is not down to one man and yet that one man has become, rightly, the political focus of millions. Everything that Theresa May aspires to in her wickedness and manipulation, and yet fails utterly, Corbyn achieves through plain speaking and shared humanity.

Every step of social progress we have ever made against rich and powerful interests has come through struggle, from the bottom up, through the engagement of ordinary people against the enormous power of the privileged few. That struggle is, I hope, reaching an historic climax, one that is long overdue. A climax that will not be the end, but promises to be a new beginning if we hold true to our vision. It is a struggle that needs every voice and the concerted action of all those who see themselves small who together can bring about the social change which millions of people in Britain and the wider world are crying out for.

This piece is entitled, ‘Who dares despise the day of small things?’ I have unashamedly ripped it out of any biblical context quite deliberately, and I apply it to my own faltering footsteps in life, and to every life struggling to take one step at a time in these unbelievably difficult times against the vicious forces which oppose us. I offer it as a compliment and a celebration of modest lives and modest aspirations, which collectively can make a difference. Those with power, through wealth, status and influence (by which I mean the mogul owned and driven media) will do anything and everything to crush us, as they have always done in times past.

Theresa May and the Tories know what they are up against and they are desperate, afraid and in complete chaos, even buying a few extra votes for a billion pounds. It is within our power to keep them in disarray and to oust them, let’s do just that, for all our sakes. The power grubbers hate Jeremy Corbyn with a raging passion, there is no shame in loving him and looking forward to him being Prime Minister.

KOG. 28 June 2017


IDS Calls Those Unable To Work ‘Stock’


02_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,166

Sunday 02 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

“I don’t think we’ve wasted a day, frankly, in the last 80 days.” Nor you have, Mr Cameron, not a wasted moment.

You have somewhere around twenty judges resigning at the pigs breakfast that is now what was once known as the justice system.

The Independent reports that doctors have declared war on Jeremy Hunt over his weekend working ‘myths’ and ‘Dr Mark Porter, chairman of the British Medical Association, said the profession was ‘furious’ with the Health Secretary, who told it to ‘get real’ over the need for a ‘proper seven-day service in hospitals’.’

You are planning to send sniffer dogs and fencing in humanitarian aid to Calais to help deal with what you refer to as the ‘swarm of people’ seeking a better life, warning that the UK is no “safe haven” for migrants. Well, quite, it’s only safe for the rich and unscrupulous.

You are proposing to cut off the means of survival for people who refuse treatment for obesity and drink and drug addiction, seemingly with never a thought that such enforcement might just make the situation infinitely worse. Such a proposal is enough to drive anyone to drink, if they can find a friendly off-licence to rob, that is, and not have to face the pigs breakfast mentioned earlier.

Two years after parliament voted not to bomb Syria news has emerged that British pilots have been doing just that under Government authorisation. Your office said that ‘they were embedded with US forces and not operating under a British chain of command’. So that’s alright then. *wink wink*

Osborne announced in his budget a new ‘living wage’, currently at £7.85 nationally and £9.15 London, of, wait for it… £7.20 from next April. Only gorgeous George could come up with a pay rise in negative figures. Sadly that’s all I have room for as you know I like to keep these little missives to one side of A4 for the ease of whoever has been tasked with reading them and not responding.

To end then, I’d just like to pay tribute to you saying your government could travel quickly because it ‘helps to have one hand at the steering wheel’ rather than having to share it with another party and that you’ve likened your manifesto to the Bible, saying ministers just had to refer to ‘the good book’. Does Her Maj know that you’ve promoted yourself to God, I’m not sure she’ll be best pleased with that? I’ll carry on referring to you as Mr Cameron if that’s ok, though, to be honest, other names have been vying for my attention for some time now. PM or God, you’ll still be the worst one ever.