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A letter a day to number 10. No 1,451

Wednesday 01 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In an article entitled ‘Election Madness’ in the USA, the late Howard Zinn wrote, “Voting is easy and marginally useful, but it is a poor substitute for democracy, which requires direct action by concerned citizens.”

This is by no means restricted to the USA, the idea that the expression of democracy is in voting every few years is the prevailing orthodoxy here in the UK. I wonder what children are taught in schools these days? Are they taught and do they discuss human rights such as the right to peaceful protest which is one of the foundations of a democratic society?

In 2014 we saw exactly what the state thinks of peaceful protest when the police were sent in to clear Parliament Square and forced protesters off a tarpaulin and where pizza boxes and umbrellas were confiscated as ‘structures’ which might be used to sleep on or provide shelter.

Arrested protesters were cleared in court where the judge ruled that a tarpaulin was not ‘a structure designed or adapted for sleeping’. The farcical heavy handed police operation cost nearly £2 million and saw fencing erected round what has become known as ‘Tarpaulin Square’ on the fatuous grounds of protecting the grass. Boris Johnson was reported calling the protesters “Crusties” engaged in a “thoroughly maddening protest against capitalism” and repeatedly called for them to be removed.

The protesters were exercising their democratic and human right to protest peacefully and it was Johnson himself who was abusing protesters rights and proving himself to be the enemy of democracy. So much for the establishments attitude to protest.

The fact is that democracy is the last thing that you want in this country and the idea that you are answerable to the people is anathema to you. You ignore the will of the people as if it does not exist or have any place in the policies you inflict upon us. Disabled people and Disability groups have been visible and vocal in opposing your treatment of them and yet still they have been hit by 19 times more cuts than the able bodied.

Protest remains at the heart of democracy as a human right. It is our inalienable right to speak up and take action against oppression and victimisation by the state. Every sanction, every cut in care and support for those most in need, every act of forced labour by the DWP is a violation of human rights and democracy. We are right to fight, we are right to protest and what this nation needs is a whole lot more peaceful direct action of any and every kind and if that is socially and politically inconvenient, well so it should be. That’s entirely the point.



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,447

Saturday 28 May 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am sick and tired of fear and hate mongering. Your threat of war if we leave the EU, Boris Johnson’s argument against staying by comparing the EU to a Nazi superstate, the latest Osborne threat to pensions and pensioners if we leave, Priti Patel wanting to halve the ‘burden’ of the EU social and employment laws to give a guesstimated £4.3 billion boost to the economy on Brexit and create 60,000 new jobs without workers protections (we have more than enough job insecurity as it is).

Let’s not forget Zac Goldsmith and his shameful use of the 7/7 bombings against Sadiq Khan in the London mayoral election and especially Iain Duncan Smith’s terror campaign of sanctions on poor and vulnerable people and the subsequent deaths.

It rolls on and on, it’s been going on too long and it is a betrayal of the nation.

The latest breaking news is that there have been anonymous bomb threats to at least 27 schools up and down the country, many of them primary schools, threatening beheadings and shootings, forcing evacuations and, of course, a massive police response.

It is detestable that terrorism and modern warfare, which is itself terrorism, routinely target civilians. Despite all the weasel words, civilians and civil infrastructure are primary targets in modern warfare. This is the vilest kind of war for which governments and terrorist groups are guilty, though not in equal measures, state warfare far exceeds terrorism in civilian deaths across the world. Unicef reports: “Civilian fatalities in wartime climbed from 5 per cent at the turn of the century, to 15 per cent during World War I, to 65 per cent by the end of World War II, to more than 90 per cent in the wars of the 1990s.” Children are not spared as Unicef notes, “It is estimated that 500,000 under-five-year-olds died as a result of armed conflicts in 1992 alone.” Under fives – military targets!?! Half a million children is not a mistake!

And who can forget Madeleine Albright’s response when asked if the half million children who died in Iraq (more than died in Hiroshima) due to sanctions was worth it, “I think this is a very hard choice,” she said, “but the price – we think the price is worth it.”

What makes me sick to my bones is not just that school children are under threat from filthy anonymous cowards, but that in asking myself who would benefit from such an obscenity I now have to acknowledge that government itself has a stake in such fear and terror tactics. I have to question just how low would my government stoop in spreading terror across this nation? And you know what, I will never forgive you that such a thought would ever occur to me, but you have brought it on yourselves. You are as guilty as sin if for no other reason than the lies and fear which you have sown.

A government that lies to the people renders itself illegitimate.

Boris Johnson compares EU to Nazi superstate

Who let the cats out? Priti Patel suggests we could lose half our EU work rights after #Brexit

24_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,412

Sunday 24 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You said in May 2015, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone”. Making a statement like that we could not know what bastardy you intended, we could only know the shock that it was ever said at all. Truly, when you said those words, you were forewarning us of a descent into barbarity, a barbarity unconstrained by law or even common decency, which no human being should ever even contemplate, as only brutes, slavers and despots might.

When Boris Johnson attacked Barack Obama in the Sun over his views on staying in the EU in a cowardly and entirely false attack of the man and not his views, Johnson revealed just how vile a creature he really is. It is a measure of how serious this was that Nick Cohen wrote in the Spectator, “Johnson showed this morning that he is a man without principle or shame. He is a braying charlatan, who lacks the courage even to be an honest bastard, for there is a kind of bastardly integrity in showing the world who you really are, but instead uses the tactics of the coward and the tricks of the fraudster to advance his worthless career.”

The DWP’s latest attack targeting poor working people on Universal Credit with what they are calling ‘in-work progression’ (IWP) is a prime example of your intent to force obedience upon us disregarding all law and social justice. Those people so poorly paid that they cannot survive without some form of social top-up will be corralled and coerced by the DWP, under threat of sanctions and fines, to undertake activities dictated by the DWP, this on top of working full time on Osborne’s supposed New Living Wage, possibly working more than one job already.

Even Osborne having the temerity to call what is a new minimum wage the New Living Wage, is the basest deceit and a measure of his own bastardy in his treatment of the poor. I’ll remind you that the real UK living wage is currently £8.25 an hour and £9.40 an hour in London, whilst Osborne’s New Living Wage is £7.20 an hour. If you can’t live on it, a living wage it ain’t. It’s just more manipulative ideological bastardy.

As we’re seeing with the junior doctors dispute, none of us are regarded any more as sovereign human beings, but mere pawns of a government that is authoritarian, intrusive, coercive, abusive and punitive. You may temporarily have the power for such abuses, but you have never had, and never will have, the right. It’s purest bastardy because it is illegitimate and always will be.

25_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,382

Friday 25 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

John McDonnell, Labour’s shadow Chancellor, stood at the despatch box opposite George Osborne and called for him to, “Apologise for the pain and anguish he’s caused disabled people and their families for the last two weeks.” He went on, “When you make a mistake and you correct it at least you should apologise.”

The camera in the House of Commons panned across to find Osborne laughing and joking with a grinning Michael Gove who was playing with his phone.

Clearly these are men, and I use that term loosely, who are so secure in their privilege and arrogance, their lives untouched by any hint of hardship or suffering, they do not even realise that their self absorbed antics mock the suffering of millions.

It’s one of the mysteries of the aristocracy and privileged that the meaning and value of life becomes debased, the poor are treated as mere breeders for use and abuse, for war, for profit, and there’s always plenty more where they came from.

Osborne and Gove revealed themselves as insults to life itself. It’s no different to your theatrics at PMQs which you use for mockery with sneering disdain for serious issues, in what is, for you, a mere game; a pantomime.

Your kind insult us every day, accusing us of the politics of envy and even of having a culture of entitlement. Oh, the arrogance and conceit of it. There is nothing about you I could envy, it is that you insult us as you assault our lives which is the most egregious and unforgivable. I have known very few people who wanted more than enough, the vast majority of people I know and have known have only wanted enough, a fair share. Yes that thing that you deny us. Merely enough.

Do you really think people are killing themselves for wealth? Dying in despair because they want your millions? The mere thought is obscene and an insult to their humanity and to their memory. Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are exhorting us to clean for the Queen to honour her, I will do that the day a member of the aristocracy honours the lives spent by them throughout history without honour and acknowledges the pain and suffering they inflict and lift not one finger to spare ordinary people and apologises. I’ll make it easy for you, I nominate George Osborne.

24_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,352

Wednesday 24 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There is a saying, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” It is disputed as to who may or may not have coined that saying, but at least it makes a valid point unlike your party of the utterly pointless.

The in/out referendum isn’t even days old yet and what have we got? Bedlam! And all from one party, yours. Utter and total chaos.

We have the gang of five, Michael Gove, Chris Grayling, Priti Patel, Iain Duncan Smith and John Whittingdale, smug as rats at a food waste dump, spouting negatives as if they had any meaning at all, claiming your European ‘deal would not stem the flow of migration, safeguard the City of London or even be legally enforceable’.

Boris Johnson! I’ll let former Conservative MP Jerry Hayes have the say on him. “Boris Johnson has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he is a copper bottomed, double dealing, hypocritical little shit. For a man thirteen days ago who wrote eloquently of all the reasons we should stay in the EU and who weeks previously had made it fairly clear that he wanted to remain, the reek of u turned burnt rubber and the aftershave of political greed infects the air.”

Iain Duncan Smith, the greatest threat to Britain’s national security at this time, claims, in a nutshell, that remaining in the EU is a threat to national security and we’ll be overrun with migrant fiends plotting our destruction. In Smith’s opinion, “This open border does not allow us to check and control people who may come and spend time. We see what happened in Paris where they spent ages planning and plotting. Who is to say it is not beyond the wit of man that those might be already thinking about that” Who is to say indeed and I wish he hadn’t bothered. What a complete, witless, negative and pointless waste of space!

In a foreword to your 43 page white paper, laughingly referred to as, ‘reform plans’ you have apparently written, “Leaving Europe would threaten our economic and our national security.” At least you and IDS agree on one thing, everything that ever existed, from Jeremy Corbyn to the Teletubbies, is a threat to our national security.

Well done! Well done all of you. You’ve made a mockery of this referendum and are mocking the good people in this country. You might as well explain the benefits of fire by saying, “It could burn you and your house down. Now write and essay on the benefits of fire in human development.” And just for the record, with Iain Duncan Smith running the DWP the least of our worries is terrorism from Johnny Furriner.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,229

Tuesday 13 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The black arts of propaganda, PR and spin are the ability to couch something in terms which trigger a popular conception and response in the minds of its target audience but which means something quite different in its intent.

Let’s look at your claim to be the party for hard working people. It is a wonderfully divisive term, a really juicy them and us sound bite, and the truly sad part is that the harder people work the more you betray them. Teachers, doctors, nurses, fire services, police, ambulance, the legal profession, carers, the entire public sector, workers on zero hours contracts, the growing numbers of desperate self employed people, union members, apprentices, young people, workfare, sick and disabled people, in fact anyone on low to median pay. One way or another you’ll shaft them.

Instead of pay being a contractual monitory exchange for services rendered to a company, you’ve managed to couch it in terms of a reward for hard work, a gift reserved for the hard working even as Boris Johnson accuses British workers of ‘sloth, low skills and a culture of easy gratification’ (whatever that means). The blunder brained Mayor of London should look at the world around himself and wonder where it all came from, Elves and Gnomes in the dark reaches of the night, the tooth fairy? He and you and your party of profligate wasters and naked greed are an insult to intelligence. If we are a nation of low skills, or perhaps lowering skills, I’ll remind you that is was you who decided that it was a really good idea to support young people seeking to better themselves in education by saddling them with a mountain of debt. If we, as a nation, are lacking skills, it is as a direct result of you strangling talent before it has a chance to get off the ground and then having the bare faced effrontery to blame the very people you’ve betrayed.

I can’t think of many promises you’ve kept, but you promised permanent austerity and you’ve delivered. A permanent drive to create insecurity and instability whilst demanding ever more for less. You are indeed the party for hard working people, all guns blazing as you target, victimise and destroy lives.

The Observer reports that 50,000 teachers left the profession last year, the highest number since records began and applications for teacher training are down across all regions, the crisis is so great that the Department for Education and school heads are now recruiting abroad (migrants to aid Britain’s crisis, there’s irony for you) as you lay waste to Britain’s talent.

I am reminded of a song by Phil Ochs ‘Here’s to The State of Mississippi’ which I shall paraphrase – Oh, here’s to the land you’ve torn out the heart of, David Cameron find yourself another country to be part of. This country will prosper when you are no more than a bad memory which we would be ill advised to forget. The Tory party should be branded an extremist terrorist party and banned from holding office in the UK.

08_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,224

Thursday 08 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

War is the sole province of governments. The people don’t make war, ever, we don’t have the resources, the ability or the power. The ability to commit mass murder on a global scale is exclusive to governments. In Britain we do not have the right to bear arms as in America, we are an unarmed nation, unless we sign up to the state controlled military and serve under oath.

“I (name), swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, her heirs and successors and that I will as in duty bound honestly and faithfully defend Her Majesty, her heirs and successors in person, crown and dignity against all enemies and will observe and obey all orders of Her Majesty, her heirs and successors and of the generals and officers set over me.”

In the UK the armed forces swear to protect the Queen, not the nation, not the government, not the people. The Queen (and her heirs and successors). Who, though, protects us from war? It certainly isn’t government and it is definitely not the Queen. It’s crusty peaceniks like me (who protest), and like Jeremy Corbyn, Howard Zinn and a million UK marchers protesting in vain against the Iraq war, sneered at, derided and ignored.

Jeremy Corbyn has been reviled and mocked and accused by you and your party of being a threat to national security and (my) family for saying that he would not give the ok to precipitate, or participate in, a nuclear holocaust, which you blithely assure us you would.

During WWII the dreadful decision was made to blanket bomb civilian cities and areas on both sides as a way of conducting war to weaken and demoralise our nations. The killing of civilians has become routine in the wars that have continued without break across the globe ever since. In Iraq the civilian body count is between 143,875 – 165,766 and we are inundated with images of civilians wounded, dead or fleeing areas of conflict. Civilian deaths are conveniently rendered irrelevant by dismissing them as ‘collateral damage’. In 2005 Donald Rumsfeld even joked, ‘death has a tendency to encourage a depressing view of war’. Sadly, only in our eyes, not in the eyes of those who prosecute them, smoke cigars, drink champagne, smile and banquet and never put a foot in harms way as ordinary people do, and die. I suppose for Rumsfeld, wars are a great big jamboree, a national spending spree like no other for private banks and corporations to make vast profits.

One of your more famous expressions regarding the permanent austerity you have imposed upon us is that ‘we are all in it together’. Well , yes, in your war against the poor, I suppose we are, those who profit from it and pay no price, reaping only the rewards, and those who must pay the price, including the ultimate sacrifice. And we who protest, who raise our voices and act to challenge the heinous crimes being perpetrated against us in this economic war, are dismissed by the profiteering establishment. As Boris Johnson so aptly sneered, we’re ‘hard-left agitators – preposterously supported by Jeremy Corbyn – who believe in these tactics and who want to divide this society’. The pot calling the kettle black, in the most unequal, divided, nation in Europe. As Howard Zinn so aptly put it, ‘our problem isn’t civil disobedience, our problem is civil obedience’ to the whores of war.

16_january_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 976

Friday 16 January 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Boris Johnson may well dismiss critics of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as “numskulls”, a term he obviously learnt from reading the Beano, but playground insults do not strengthen the case for TTIP, quite the opposite.

The news that the inclusion of the investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) has now been suspended in the US-EU negotiations is welcome news in a process that has been surrounded by secrecy, lacking any serious public consultation or dialogue. That you feel the need to surround such a deal in secrecy suggests that you are hiding this deal from public intelligence not stupidity.

You claim that TTIP will be “good for Britain, good for jobs, good for growth, and good for the British economy” and which you “think can add some £10 billion to our side of the equation and can result in real jobs”. Using meaningless and speculative sound bites is hardly a strong case for TTIP when you fail to disclose the costs which are likely to be far in excess of £10 billion in one of the most deregulated labour markets in the West. How much will Britain lose in profits going to foreign companies and taxes lost in tax havens with the knock on effects to our infrastructure exploited by these companies and which the great British public generously pay for?

Creating jobs is hardly anything to boast about given your all out assault on employment rights and protections since you came to office. The minimum wage is not a reward for labour, it is a loss making wage for every employee given that, even if one is in full time employment, it is less than that required for workers to live on. Official figures reveal that 1.4 million people are on zero hours contracts giving workers no guaranteed minimum hours or pay, hardly a cause to celebrate. The minimum wage and zero hours contracts can only be maintained through the support companies enjoy from the UK benefit system. The entire ‘free market’ economy is predicated on exploitation and profits before people.

If all that sounds pessimistic, it is a pessimism for which you and your government are entirely responsible. 6.7 million working people living below the poverty line isn’t down to individual failing or a lack of personal responsibility, it’s caused by either systemic failure or policy. Add in a further 6.3 million people in poverty who have suffered a sustained and ‘unprecedented’ fall in their living standards and it is clear that such a wide spread catastrophe is no accident but policy. With 60% of cuts in the UK still to come Osborne is driving us into a new dark age in which TTIP will herald nothing good for ordinary people.