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Since 2010 we have witnessed and experienced seven long years of bitter Conservative betrayals, from David Cameron’s pledge that there would be no top down reorganisation of the NHS to the horrific fire in Grenfell Tower which follows the Conservatives voting down in 2016 a Labour amendment to the government’s housing and planning bill to ensure rented homes are fit for human habitation.

The depth of crisis in the NHS is so catastrophic that it should be on life support, except there is no life support and it has been driven to what the Red Cross has called a humanitarian crisis by government policy.

In 2014 London firemen wept as Boris Johnson closed down ten fire stations which was preceded by selling off London’s fleet of fire engines for £2 to a newly formed company with one sole director, Sir Aubrey Thomas Brocklebank, an old Etonian with a dubious business history.

These are just the tip of a despicable iceberg of Tory corruption and betrayals since 2010 and the worst of it is that they have lied and lied and lied their way through their misanthropic neoliberal betrayal of Britain.

Cartoonists across the world are mocking Theresa May for her posturing over Brexit and a BBC reporter laughed in the face of Conservative MP Alan Mak when he spouted May’s meaningless trope, ‘strong and stable’.

Whatever the outcome of the General Election, the election is not the issue and the result is not the problem, the problem is that the Tories are not fit to hold office. That and only that is the problem and the Tories are determined to continue driving the UK into the ground.

It is frequently and casually reported (I’ve done it myself) that Britain is one of the richest countries in the world. In March this year the New World Wealth’s Global Wealth Review placed Britain in fourth place in terms of private wealth in 2016. It may seem impressive but it fails to acknowledge that Britain is one of the most unequal countries in the world where the richest 1% (634,000 people) own more than 20 times the total wealth of the poorest fifth (13 million people). Yes that does read ‘twenty times’ the combined wealth of 13 million people. The reality is that in food bank Britain the vast majority of people are completely excluded from any share in the nations wealth and Tory policies ensure and drive this vast wealth division.

Conservative policies are killing people in their thousands, excess deaths by cuts were reported to be 27,000 in 2015 alone.

Whatever secret deals Theresa May is conducting behind closed doors with the DUP to secure a fragile majority in order to continue her betrayal of Britain the only significant and relevant fact for the lives of millions of people in Britain is that she and her party are not fit to hold office. Forget election results and look at the results of seven years of austerity and the suffering they have presided over and the deaths which they are so comfortable with causing, yet deny their existence. That is not democracy that is genocide. That is not a ballot box issue, it is a humanitarian issue of crimes against life. Britain does not merely need a change of political party in government, it needs an end to the most brutal regime in our history which has rightly been compared to the rise of Hitler and the Nazis.

KOG. 15 June 2017

Revealed: The Old Etonian Baronet who snapped up London’s fire engines for £2

Britain is now one of the most unequal countries in the world



Apart from the inevitable blip after the banks insatiable greed took down the global economy and the public were forced to bail them out to the tune of some £850 billion (UK), revenue from taxation has risen year on year ever since.

Britain is not, nor ever was, broke, close to bankruptcy, or in need of any austerity measures whatsoever. As Mike Sivier put it in Vox Political, “Simon Wren-Lewis re-states a valuable point in his latest Mainly Macro post – that the UK has suffered under Conservative austerity policies, not because there was a need for spending cuts but because the Tories had an excuse to impose them.”

What the crisis enabled the Tories to do was to implement plans, long in the making, to privatise the state, lock, stock and barrel and to rob the public blind with catastrophic cuts to services and provision across the board. The entire Tory reign of terror and, specifically, the war on the poor, has been the greatest scam in UK history. People have starved, died and committed suicide for an obscene Tory lie.

If you examine the attached charts you’ll notice that the entire corporate and business contribution to tax revenue this year will be 7%. The Tories have repeatedly lowered corporation tax and done nothing about tax avoidance or evasion. As Britain mobilises for work each day the profit from people’s labour is sucked out never to be seen again, meanwhile corporations enjoy massive public handouts, which the Guardian reported in 2014 amounted to £95 billion.


As Brexit approaches it is fair to ask what is going to happen to EU land subsidies in the UK? Under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), in 2012 land subsidies cost the average British household £245 a year. Britain’s wealthiest landowners, including the Queen, are gifted money as they sleep, a land tax would add billions to tax revenues, easing the burden on ordinary people. What the Tories plan to do about land subsidies after Brexit remains to be seen, but it is not hard to guess and nor can we expect it to get any mention in the press. They look after their own.

There was no need for any of the austerity that has wrecked the lives of millions of people across the UK, many now dead. As Mark McGowan, the artist taxi driver, said in 2010, ‘This is not a recession, it’s a robbery’, which became the title of a movie he released in 2013.

There are local elections on May 4th. For the millions of people with no idea what to do or how to survive, wondering where their next meal is coming from, using your vote matters if we are to end this national travesty and tragedy undertaken by the thieving Tories for no reason other than the transfer of the nations wealth into private hands.

If you have not registered to vote you can do it here:

Get mad, start getting even, vote the thieving Tories out.


I am looking forward to Donald Trump becoming the President of the most powerful, armed and dangerous, elitist establishment cunts in the world. For this reason.

Because it’s insane. I used to enjoy the use of the word cunt as the most offensive swear word in the world but it is becoming so commonplace that we are bereft of a fall back position. We have nothing left, although I did try to improve on it with ‘thunder cunt’ while writing a letter a day to Number 10.

Since 2010 in Britain it has looked like we had reached the end of days, because Britain is the beating heart of empire building and imperialism, and in its last gasp it has turned on its own people and started killing us off for yet more profit and reward for the cunts that rule the world.

And then along came Trump, a raving narcissist with more nuclear weapons than I can shake a stick at, at his finger tips.

They, the powers that be, just kill us off, as they ever have, but now they’ve lost patience with their former reticence about it, they have abandoned all pretence and Donald Trump is the last gasp of desperation and greed for no reason. The last global exercise of greed and hate for life.

I really hope that we are not all about to die in an apocalypse caused by the terminally stupid, but if we are, then the universe is going to have to come up with something better than cunt, because it hasn’t yet been invented.

All I hope is that I get given a twat bat in the after life and get to be part of a universal tide of vengeance that is much awaited and much needed to cause these people horrific pain, terror and fear for all eternity.

And above all, to mock them forever for their terminal stupidity that has no precedent in any meaningful form of life.

And ‘God’ will be on our side.

It is people like Trump who would want to own the mythical holy grail, because they are so stupid they think there will be power in such a cup or goblet and they want to possess it for themselves, like everything else. Do they really think that someone would have grabbed it at the time, to preserve it as a holy relic or because it was transformed into a source of any power? Someone as stupid as them?

Here’s the thing, these people who regard themselves as elites, that is, better than ordinary people, want to own the world and to do so they kill indiscriminately forgetting, in their stupidity and greed, that what makes the Earth unique, the only thing that makes it unique, is life. Remember when Madeleine Albright was being questioned about the imposition of sanctions on Iraq because of Saddam’s non existent weapons of mass destruction (WMD), she was told that 500,000 children had died as a result of the sanctions and asked if she thought the price of the deaths of all those children was worth it, she replied, “We think the price is worth it.”

George W Bush joked about not finding any WMD’s at a dinner party for the rich and powerful to much laughter and applause. Conservative MPs reacted with braying derision when Iain Duncan Smith was questioned over benefit related deaths.

Prior to 2010 it was unusual to hear the word evil used in terms of politics and world affairs, these days it is fairly common place. It’s a word of last resort when no other word can describe the unthinkable and yet they do this on a daily basis.

Remember Cameron walking away from being PM and an MP, with immediate effect? Tens of thousands of people dead through government policy during his time in office and he walked away to make his fortune, not least from making speeches to other like minded people.

Murderous intent by the ruling elites has escalated since the second world war, nothing in history compares to it. More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than during WWII reducing parts of Vietnam to what Noam Chomsky described as a moonscape. It is impossible to comprehend the murderous intent and actions of the ruling elites, nor their casual attitude to it. And perhaps even harder to comprehend is that people actually vote these people into power and the media celebrates them as the great and the good and if we speak out against them we can be prosecuted and punished for sedition or treason.

Who can or will speak out and oppose them if not us, the inconvenient masses? Where can dissent possibly come from if not from us? We work as unwitting slaves to those who amass unimaginable wealth and power and from our labour is war made, yes we pay for it all.

So if you think you have mental health issues living in this world, pat yourself on the back, you may live with misery on a daily basis but you’re also healthy. Those who are truly mad don’t even know it, they revel in their sense of privilege and power without conscience or regret. Bush and Blair are household names, yet they are genocidal maniacs.

Have you wondered about the punishment we’re taking from Brexit? It’s being inflicted by the markets and corporations who are the beneficiaries of globalisation, exploiting the global markets for profits. What do they care if workers in Asia have to be prevented from suicide with suicide nets or that they’ve caused the pound to tank?

There is wide spread derision for anyone who voted to leave Europe and the media has spun it that it was primarily on racist grounds. We live in a notionally representative democracy, but no such thing exists globally. We the people lose power with globalisation, having no say in it what so ever. Without a popular uprising it is nigh on impossible to hold our national governments to account, what say do we have over shutting down entire cities like Port Talbot and Redcar, to name but two, because steel can be made cheaper elsewhere through global exploitation?

What does globalisation have to do with us other than its wanton destructive power in which Britain is becoming increasingly atomised, a more divided nation in which poverty is escalating and where people can be deprived of the means of survival by government dictat? We the people did not make the global refugee crisis, and staying in or leaving Europe will not change it. We were in the EU when David Cameron called the desperate people fleeing to Europe a ‘swarm’ and did nothing to help. Was the referendum really about immigration or was that just hype to distract us from real issues?

We are spoon fed lies on a daily basis and the media has even had the temerity to call this the post-truth era. Rubbish!

They cannot so easily silence us any more nor hide their murderous intent towards us.

If there is any stability in the world it comes from us, ordinary people, going about our lives without murderous intent. We who help and support others. We who stock the food banks that those in power drive us to in desperation. We who desire to sustain life and not destroy it and who hope for a better future for our children and everyone. It is ordinary people who want peace. Remember it was Cameron who said, “For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens: as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone.” That is a measure of how bold and arrogant they now are. If there is to be any accounting it is not us who are answerable, if we are answerable for anything it must only be if we tolerate this in silence. And if we are silent, even then I don’t think we should judge too harshly, it is driven by misinformation, propaganda and lies and not by us. Being ignorant or ill informed is not the same as collaboration, those in power hide their real intent very well and the media, which supposedly informs the masses, largely serves their purposes. I am ignorant of more than I could know in a dozen lifetimes. Of all the knowledge and books in the world what I know probably ranks just above nothing.

Lastly, confronting the reality and truth of global despotism hurts us, it is hard to face the enormity of it. To confront the enormity of the death of 500,000 children as merely expedient, that one example alone is staggering and we are right to be staggered, we are right to want to recoil from the horror of it and we are right not to grasp or understand how any group of powerful people could do such a thing. And it is right that we feel dulled and are weakened in the face of reality and so much brutality because it hurts us and it is damned hard to deal with.

I burned out after four years of writing a letter a day to number 10 and have yet to recover from it. I have no complaints, I knew what I was doing and had several mini blowouts along the way. What would be more surprising is if I hadn’t. There is a cost to caring and it is a cost that must be borne willingly. It may be difficult to bear but if we do not, nothing gets done. We are the answer, if there is one, not the problem.

KOG. 12 January 2017


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,504

Wednesday 27 July 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

One could be forgiven for thinking that a government report, the 2014/15 English Housing Survey, that found 57,485 households had fallen behind on their rent due to the bedroom tax, might be a matter of concern for the government and that this might be flagged up as a matter requiring urgent attention. Instead, as the Mirror reports, it was dumped (released), along with more than 300 other documents on the day that parliament closed for its six week summer break.

It should not need saying, but clearly the circumstances necessitate it, that each one of these households is a household in distress, right now, and for every day that passes without action to alleviate that distress. It is not clear how many of these households are facing eviction or the threat of eviction, but clearly that has to be a major concern, or one would think so, certainly it will be for the tenants, who just happen to be real people.

Instead of funding house building and encouraging and enabling people to move, if they choose to, it is also reported that ‘David Cameron has been branded the ‘worst ever’ prime minister for housing’ and that ‘new figures showed fewer homes were built each year under his leadership than any prime minister since 1923’.

Gavin Barwell, your new housing minister, has predictably blamed labour, saying that, ‘the problem is catching up with the low level of building under Labour’. Quite how he squares that circle I do not know, perhaps he meant Labour prior to 1923, which would be interesting given that Labour did not form its first government until 1924 under Ramsey MacDonald. But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of fiction. Certainly, Cameron never did and Michael Gove even said, making his case for Brexit, ‘the people of this country have had enough of experts’. Oh, he really, really did. I rather think the best use for Gove would be in a garden, holding a fishing rod.

I confess that I was born at a very young age in 1951, but even I can remember the massive house building programme under Labour post WWII, indeed my family moved into a newly built house shortly after my birth. House building in the face of a housing crisis seemed to be the right answer then, why isn’t it now? Why are social tenants being punished for the current housing crisis, instead of building houses which would be good for society and good for the economy, creating thousands of jobs and boosting a wide range of businesses?

We’ve suffered for six years under the worst government in modern history, it really is time for change and not more of the same, don’t you think?


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,496

Monday 18 July 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

A vote on Trident is due today (Monday) which is likely to be passed by parliament. You have made your own views very clear, “…it would be sheer madness to contemplate even for a moment giving up Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent.”

The ‘logic’ behind Trident as a nuclear deterrent is still that of ‘mutually assured destruction’. If the nation’s conventional weapons are destroyed in an attack and the nation reduced to rubble we would still have the capacity to retaliate against the attacking nation. Why?

There are nine nations in the world with nuclear weapons, nine nations which are capable of holding the world to ransom. Britain, these small islands, is not dealing on any kind of equal footing with some 160 warheads, Russia has 1,600 and the USA 1,920 and the idea that we are any kind of major player is ludicrous.

You claim, “we remain committed to working alongside our Nato allies and playing our full role in the world.” Really? Did we live in a democracy, isn’t this something worthy of a referendum? Brexit has seen a run on the pound, how does that compare to millions of lives eradicated in a nuclear holocaust?

The 20th century saw the world at almost continuous war across the globe and the 21st century is riven with strife. Industrial progress has seen the proliferation of industrial scale war and destruction. This is not progress. Those of us who call for peace, like Jeremy Corbyn, are still dismissed as beardy, hippy, peaceniks, as if war was a virtue and we’re just lunatic fringe dreamers.

There is no virtue in war or the ability to make war and the current century isn’t about defence, it’s about wars of aggression and the escalation of arms for profit. Trident is just the tip of an iceberg of what is insanity and no amount of flag waving and tub thumping patriotism will make it otherwise. Every penny spent on arms is money that could have saved lives, cured diseases, tackled the evil of poverty saving tens of thousands of lives every year and improved life for millions.–heres-how-many-each-country-has-2014-6?IR=T


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,494

Friday 15 July 2016.

Dear Mrs May,

Your cabinet… It’s almost too unbearably funny in a totally mad way. A line up of millionaires all for little ol’ working class us. How sweet.

Cuddly Mr Hammond, dappy Lizzie for justice, Amber the banker vulture capitalist, nuke ’em Fallon, Foxy for international trade and arms deals. Priceless. We’re stuck with Hunt I see, still Britain’s most infamous typographical error. But the icing on the cake really is BoJo the friend of ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’ Johnson as foreign secretary. Genius, just genius. He’s sure to make Brexit a laugh a minute, that’s if he doesn’t manage to single handedly kick off WWIII.

I note you’ve dismissed holding a general election given the majority gained a year ago. Is that despite the ongoing investigations into Tory election fraud or are you just hoping to bury that for good?

I don’t want to give you too much of a hard time before you get your feet firmly under the table at number 10, but let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a cuddly Tory, so whatever you’ve promised prior to your coronation must be taken with a pinch of salt. Let’s not forget that David Cameron pledged to cut the deficit and not the NHS and our NHS now in ribbons and the man responsible for cutting it to ribbons has been kept on as health secretary under your leadership. I’m not sure whether to call it cynicism or realism, but declaring yourself a friend of the working class requires a stretch in credulity which unfortunately I am unable to manage.

The Parliamentary Labour Party are now facing the same problem, they want to pretend they are the real Labour deal, despite doing everything to stab the democratically elected leader of the party in the back repeatedly. They are accused of being Tory lite, but even the betrayal of Margaret Thatcher pales into insignificance compared with what Jeremy Corbyn has been forced to endure. I’m sure you’ve followed it avidly as they might just as well have rolled out the red carpet for you. But I do appreciate the problem he represents, honest politics is so Aneurin Bevan, Dennis Skinner and Tony Benn. Their appeal is horribly working class.

Who’d want to be working class anyway? We’re all knuckle dragging, bigoted, racists. It’s almost worse than being disabled and taking up wheel chair space. Yeesh…


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,488

Saturday 09 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

What the EU referendum and the Chilcot report have brought into the spotlight is something that has been glaringly obvious for a very long time, we can no longer afford or tolerate the lack, indeed the absence, of government accountability.

Aside from banking and the financial markets, witness the 2008 financial crisis and post Brexit behaviour, no other form of employment enjoys such complete protection from being held accountable for policies and decisions which affect vast numbers of people at such great personal cost.

No one should be above the law and given that we are, in reality, not all equal before the law, the current situation needs turning on its head. Currently, those with the least have the least protection in law, whilst those with the most have the most protection.

There is no justice as long as a 23-year-old can be jailed for six months for stealing £3.50 worth of water bottles from a supermarket during the 2011 riots whilst not a single banker has been prosecuted for the financial crisis.

You made an election pledge in 2010 that there would be no more top down reorganisations of the NHS, yet the The Health and Social Care Act 2012 ‘Abolished the Secretary of State for Health’s ‘duty to provide’ a national health service throughout England’. That act of social vandalism effectively spelled the end of the NHS which has been stealthily and deceitfully pursued ever since.

Currently, Britain is a rudderless ship, you have washed your hands of Britain following the vote to leave the EU and the three most prominent Brexiteers, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Nigel Farage, have all walked away following their campaigns of deceit. I also note that Priti Patel has crawled under a stone and is keeping damned quiet. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has mocked their behaviour and accused them of abandoning ship, as he put it, “I would have thought that they would have had a plan. Instead of developing a plan they are leaving the boat.” Not forgetting that you had no plan for such an eventuality either.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm could have been written for Britain today – ‘all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’. It was no accidental flight of writers fancy that this was said by a bunch of greedy self serving pigs.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,482

Sunday 03 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

James Traub, unsurprisingly a member of the ignorant social elites, has written the following, “It’s time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses. The Brexit has laid bare the political schism of our time. It’s not about the left vs. the right; it’s about the sane vs. the mindlessly angry…”. He goes on, “The Republican Party, already rife with science-deniers and economic reality-deniers, has thrown itself into the embrace of a man (Donald Trump) who fabricates realities that ignorant people like to inhabit.

“Did I say “ignorant”? Yes, I did. It is necessary to say that people are deluded and that the task of leadership is to un-delude them.

“Is that “elitist”? Maybe it is; maybe we have become so inclined to celebrate the authenticity of all personal conviction that it is now elitist to believe in reason, expertise, and the lessons of history.”

As with all elites, Traub plays fast and loose with reality to suit his own prejudices and purposes. The elites do not fabricate realities that ignorant people like to inhabit, they fabricate the realities that they want the masses to inhabit. From Edward Bernays, the father of PR and mass social manipulation, to Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s Director of Communications and Strategy who was involved in the preparation of the infamous “Dodgy Dossier”, to Lynton Crosby, your own political strategist, known as the “master of the dark political arts”, confounding and manipulating the public is big business for those intent on self serving misrule. Propaganda is the raison d’etre for news rags like the Sun, Mail and the Express.

The so called elites run the world and are exclusively, and historically, responsible for the mess we’re in. Whilst ordinary people were busy working, earning a crust on minimum wage, being forced into debt whilst producing, above all, profit, it was the elite bankers who crashed the global economy. And who was forced to pay? The chaos surrounding the EU referendum was manufactured from on high, not least by you, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, and whilst the ‘ignorant masses’ have taken the blame as ever, Gove is now looking to replace you as prime minister because you’ve washed your hands of the whole filthy business. If the masses are angry it is because they are sick and tired of the lies and deceits of the elites and suffering and dying as a consequence of the vile abuses of the ruling elites.

If Traub wants to learn the lessons of history, he should look to the French revolution which was not triggered by the masses, it was triggered by the wholesale abuses of the aristocracy and the elites who were starving the people to death. Traub in his arrogance accuses the masses of mindless anger. Believe me, the anger is not mindless, it is very focused, it is the rage of the abused. It may appear chaotic and disorganised, the reaction to oppression often is, but the rage is just, as is its purpose. The terror that Corbyn invokes in the minds of elitists, is that he is on the protests and picket lines for organised justice, a man of peace and a man of the people and all you elitists are on the wrong side of the protests and picket lines and, indeed, the wrong side of history. And you never learn.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,481

Saturday 02 July 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

If the referendum has taught me anything it’s that it’s extraordinary how many people know everything after the event and aren’t afraid to rip apart those who they think didn’t know better before the event. As a political writer I am blown away by how many political pundits have been lurking away in the background waiting for their big hindsight moment.

Over 4 million people have signed a petition calling for a 2nd EU Referendum. The petition was set up on 23 May 2016 by someone apparently fearful of the Remain vote winning the referendum. The poor chap is seemingly not very happy that the petition has since been dominated by Remain voters and those terrified that they made a mistake in voting for Brexit. Therein lies the issue at the heart of democracy, you never know which way it’s going to go, although vast amounts of money are spent trying to predict outcomes, or even manipulate them if one is criminally inclined.

Writing in the Guardian, Geoffrey Robertson has an interesting take on democracy, he writes, “Our democracy does not allow, much less require, decision-making by referendum. That role belongs to the representatives of the people and not to the people themselves. Democracy has never meant the tyranny of the simple majority, much less the tyranny of the mob…”

Given that the 2015 General Election was won by 24% of those eligible to vote, giving you an unrepresentative majority in government, that hardly represents the tyranny of the mob, rather the tyranny of the few, a tyranny you have exploited ever since. And if we really want to talk about the tyranny of the few, let’s talk about a government that is privatising our NHS with no mandate to do any such thing.

The turnout for the 2015 General Election was 66.1% and you secured a majority from just 37% of those who bothered to turn out. The turnout for the EU referendum was 71.8% of which 52% voted to leave the EU. I’ll leave it to you to work out which was the more representative vote of the will of the people.

Calling democracy or even representative democracy mob rule, Geoffrey Robertson doesn’t really have anything to say about democracy, but rather the sneering disdain and contempt that elitists have for ordinary people. Robertson writes, “Democracy entails an elected government, subject to certain checks and balances such as the common law and the courts, and an executive ultimately responsible to parliament, whose members are entitled to vote according to conscience and common sense.” None of which applies to you and your government, so he’s really not paying attention to reality at all.


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,479

Thursday 30 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I think it’s pretty rich for a failed has-been to tell Jeremy Corbyn in Ex-Prime Ministers Question Time, “For heaven’s sake man, go.”

Of course you’d say that, what’s yours and Osborne’s reaction to Brexit? Do nothing, delay, leave it to the next person who’ll have to pick up the poisoned chalice.

£2 trillion knocked off the world markets and the pound taking the biggest one day hit in recent history and you stand in parliament and tell the opposition leader to plunge us into further chaos by stepping down.

A friend in the USA has emailed me wondering what the hell is going on. Here’s what she wrote, “They all come across as so ‘unconcerned’ about any of it. “La dee da, fiddle dee dee.” What kind of fucking game are these people playing at?” Not quite the language you get in the Westminster bubble, but that’s how real people talk.

And what’s Osborne’s response to Brexit? Do nothing, but he warns that the next Prime Minister ‘would “absolutely” have to inflict further austerity measures on the population’. And, yes, that’s the same austerity that has failed to get the country back on track after 6 years, during which time Osborne has increased the national debt by over 50%, and which has cost countless lives.

You may not remember speaking about cutting the deficit in Milton Keynes on 7 June 2010, but here’s what you said, “this government will not cut this deficit in a way that hurts those we most need to help, in a way that divides our country or in a way that undermines the spirit and ethos of our vital public services.” Six long years of Tory lies later and a Brexit vote which for many was a vote of desperation with the majority of votes coming from those on the lowest incomes and, yes, those who have endured the greatest death toll in Tory austerity Britain.

Any other government in UK history would have stood down and called a general election, but not you Tories and you have the effrontery to tell Jeremy Corbyn who has pledged to oppose austerity that he must go? Like those in his own party who care nothing for the chaos they are inflicting in their attempted coup against Corbyn, it is those who create carnage who must go and that means you and your party of compulsive liars.