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Government should be there to manage things for the common good of the people, be it law, infrastructure and public provision or the economic well being of the nation as a whole. Government, in essence, is about managing the collective needs of society as a whole, so that we are spared a chaotic piecemeal approach which would give rise to an uncoordinated mess differing from hamlet to hamlet, town to town and city to city. To put it in the most simplistic terms, this management process ensures that a spanner that does a job in a small rural house, will do the same job in the biggest city skyscraper, all other circumstances being relatively the same. Government is about coordination and a system wide approach to collective living for the benefit of all.

Above all, government should be accountable to the people it ‘serves’.

There can be no question that managing the collective needs of a nation is huge and complex process which also requires delegated local government to manage at the local level.

Are we not up to the job? Vast resources go into studying the processes of government, it requires oversight and checks and balances, it requires the best and brightest minds (one would hope) to ensure it works and it needs to be both proactive and reactive, capable of being sensitive to the needs of society at every level.

How hard can it be? At times it is likely to be incredibly hard, perhaps even pushed to it limits, as in the case of a disaster. But if we are not up to it, then it will fail, because there are no other creatures alive to stand in for us to take over the job. If we, the people, are not up to the task, then one has to wonder how we got this far in the first place?


If any government places the interests of one section of society over another, then it is an illegitimate government and corrupt. It has failed the basic precepts of good governance.

If a government falsifies its intent or disguises its true intent or betrays the manifesto promises on which it was elected, it renders itself illegitimate by its own actions.

If the process of government becomes corrupt for whatever reason, then the effects will inevitably be wide spread and toxic for the country as a whole, affecting millions of lives. And if corruption is tolerated, it will, inevitably, cut ever deeper, threatening the entire structure of society. If there is no accountability then despots and tyrants can, and do, rise, to the detriment of the many. History is littered with examples and as learning creatures we should pay critical attention to the histories we have amassed on our journey to today.

Right now, in Britain, we are undergoing a dramatic and traumatic period of change. Britain is one of the richest nations in the world, the City of London is still regarded as the financial capital of the world, and, as journalist, Roberto Saviano, observed, it is also the most corrupt place on Earth and we have a government, with its ‘free market’ ideology, which is in bed with that corruption.

But there is another force at play in Britain which is increasingly being called to account by the people. The media. In measured tones of reasonableness, or not, lies and spin and corruption are given a voice which is rarely honestly and bluntly challenged, and some parts of the media, controlled by unaccountable oligarchs, are fully complicit in the most sordid, corrupt, practices imaginable.

Britain is currently still on the descent into ever greater corruption by self serving elites who have abandoned even the basic precepts of good governance for despotism.

The tipping point for this recent wholesale corruption was the global financial crash which saw the greatest heist in history of the wealth of nations and since then the UK government has pursued that agenda brutally and relentlessly (via its vile and deceitful austerity pogrom) to extract and transfer the wealth of the people into the hands of the corrupt financial markets and corporations and the right wing media does everything in its power to further that agenda, demonising and vilifying anyone who speaks out against it.

The problem for the government and the media is that they are losing their comfortable hegemony, in their arrogance and greed they assumed our continued passive participation in their self serving status quo. They are being forced to eat their own words and actions. Increasingly, people have had enough, try as they might to dismiss us as yobs and mobs, scroungers and leftist agitators (add any other derogatory names which emblazon their headlines), and are demanding a reckoning. They accuse us of politicising catastrophe, as if these things happen in a political vacuum, as if somehow these are mere accidents of nature in the general course of events. There is always a price to be paid for corruption, there are perpetrators and victims, and when their targeted victims decide they have had enough, the price transfers to the perpetrators and the simple fact is, they don’t like it up ’em. They are great at dishing it out, but when the tide turns they are the ones who immediately scream like stuck pigs and cry foul play.

I am pretty sure that the vast majority of people want a ‘strong and stable’ Britain with a ‘strong and stable’ government, but that is never going to come from those who put the interests of money over the well being of people. And that’s a fact.

KOG. 19 June 2017



A letter a day to number 10. No 1,460

Friday 10 June 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I am amazed at all the sound and fury that’s kicked off over the EU referendum, admittedly a lot of it is piss and wind, but regardless of that, where’s it all been hiding in six long tooth grinding years of Tory misrule?

Suddenly there are political pundits everywhere, it’s wearing me out. It’s a kind of keyboard Armageddon, a prelude to the forthcoming actual Armageddon when we’re either in or out of the EU. If we leave we are, seemingly, going to lose the skills brought by foreign workers who have been a mainstay of our NHS since its inception, which was 25 years before we joined the European Community. If we stay we’ll be eating straight bananas, forever. Shurely shomething is wrong.

Little chubby cheeked Mikey wants us to break out the bunting and dodgy Dave (cooee) wants to save us from WWIII and let’s not forget (risqué sexist warning for anyone who feels they are missing that little extra something to lose their mind over) priti priti who wants to ensure our penal labour servitude forever.

In or out, it seems that Britain has become a toothless hag which must either be propped up by an EU zimmer frame or gird up its timorous loins and learn to fend for itself for the first time ever, in history, ever, once again. The big money is so terrified of the senile old ding bat, it’s running for the hills. ‘Don’t worry,’ I want to tell these scaredy fat cats, ‘the city of London will still be a fantastically corrupt global tax haven in which to stash your unearned cash. We’ve still got dodgy Dave (cooee2) and gorgeous George at the helm, they will always wuv you.’ (Cue – Whitney)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as they say, the race to the bottom continues for the good folks of Britain, the great unwashed, the ordinary skivers, scroungers, strivers, low paid, no paid, Workfare plagued, Motability denied, pick up your wheelchair and work, halt and lame, pensions robbed, welfare denied, useless eating public. And that’s not to mention the destruction and privatisation of our NHS and George’s wholesale asset stripping of all the good things we’ve built and paid for and maintained so well, that are worth a bob or two, enough to flog off to his city mates on the cheap. Sorry, I’ve been and gone and done mentioned them, haven’t I?

Where are all the Armagedd-heads when you need them? Where is all the spit and rage when you really need it? Can we have an independent inquiry into whether Britain is the most bonkers nation in the world? Is it down to global warming because you know what they say about the midday sun, Englishmen and mad dogs. Anyway, I’m off for a nice cup of tea and to give myself a heave ho in the sock department, ups my daisy and have a bit of there there, dear. Toodle pip for now.

Investors take billions from UK economy amid fears of Brexit and a fall in value of the pound


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,418

Saturday 30 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Just in case you were wondering, junior doctors have not gone away, Jeremy Hunt is not off the hook and the support for junior doctors will continue. The contract that Hunt wants to impose on them is not safe and will put lives at risk.

But let’s shimmy aside from junior doctors here and consider our fire services which have been subject to crippling cuts leading to stations being closed, equipment sold off and huge staffing cuts. The latest report says that fire deaths have seen the biggest increase for a decade and yet the fire service faces up to 50% further cuts by 2020, following 30% cuts under your coalition government. Cuts imposed by your government cost lives and that will only get worse.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I have heard or read people say, “It’s as if the government doesn’t care about our lives,” to which I respond, “There’s no ‘as if’ about it, the government doesn’t care about our lives.”

Yours is the government that deprives people of the means of survival for up to three years, has ignored the massive rise in food banks and yet gives tax cuts to the wealthy and reduces corporation tax.

How many lives would have been put at risk if you’d hiked corporation tax as a response to industrial scale tax avoidance and tax evasion thus imposing an industry wide corporate responsibility to address tax dodging? How many people would starve to death if a City Tax was imposed on the City of London, home to those who get fat on selling Olympic sized tax dodging deals?

Every single person and every single business that sets about dodging tax is putting up two fingers to the nation which sustains and supports them through the massive infrastructure that taxation pays for. Whether it’s junior doctors, fire services, low paid workers or disabled people, all pay the price for greed.

Greed costs lives, it’s not an impact free choice, the consequences are measured in human suffering and deaths. Osborne expects those without wealth to pay down the debt caused by those who enjoy obscene wealth and who continue to enjoy fat city bonuses. You claim we are all in this together, were that true then we might get a fully 7 day NHS which includes elective care, we would not see a 21% increase in fire deaths, we would not see the biggest increase in England’s death rate since WWII caused by the imposition of your ideological austerity. Austerity is a war imposed on those who can least afford it by those who are unaffected or gain from it.

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18_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,406

Monday 18 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

For all George Osborne’s talk about tax evasion, money laundering and corruption – “Strong words of condemnation are not enough, populist outrage doesn’t by itself collect a single extra pound or dollar in tax or put a single criminal in jail”, what chance is there that this will ever be anything more than weasel words as a sop to populism?

As long as we have the unelected City Remembrancer sitting in parliament representing the City of London and having special privileges to view legislation as it is being drafted it is hard to imagine that bankers and legal experts in the square mile are going to sit quietly and allow any legislation that goes against its unelected, undemocratic interests.

Osborne has made it abundantly clear where his loyalties lie and it is not with this country or its people, his only interest is in serving money and those self interested criminals who crashed the world economy. Whilst Iceland has alone jailed 29 bankers, no senior executive of any bank in the US and UK has faced criminal charges. In fact they have been rewarded to a breathtaking degree with Osborne even taking the EU to court in 2014 to protect bankers bonuses. The European Court of Justice dismissed Osborne’s legal challenge, leaving UK tax payers to foot the bill of over £200,000 in legal fees.

I can only wonder which legal companies benefited from the nations largesse and whether they were based in the City of London?

It is extraordinary that parliament has no authority over the City of London and yet this state within a state is given unelected power to interfere in the work of parliament, undermining democracy, imposing and serving its own interests since 1571.

As far as I am aware the Green Party is the only party that wants to end this anachronism and give the City Remembrancer and the City’s lobbying interests a long overdue and well deserved boot.

It won’t happen on your watch, that is for certain, and until the money markets are reigned in and firmly put in their place, whatever Osborne says must be taken with a pinch of salt and treated as not just empty words, but, as is usually the case, as lies and spin having the opposite intent.

Iceland Sentences 29th Banker To Prison, US Bankers Still Collecting Bonuses

19_july_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,152

Sunday 19 July 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In time honoured tradition millions of workers will today have gone to work in order to ‘make a living’. Of course, if they are on minimum wage, a living is the very thing they will not make. However, what they all have in common is that they will create goods and services and wealth, not only the wealth that keeps businesses afloat and pays the wages but wealth in excess which will be taken by the business owners and shareholders to increase their personal wealth gathered from the workers who are ‘profit creators’, as George Lakoff calls them in ‘Don’t think of an Elephant’.

A chap called Thomas Piketty noticed that there was an ever widening and accelerating gap between the profit creators and the ultra rich profit takers, few more so than the famous Walton family, owners of Walmart and the wealthiest family in the US. Piketty decided to study wealth and discovered there were two kinds of wealth, Productive Wealth – generated by work which we know as GDP and Reinvestment Wealth – generated by returns on investments over and over again and which grows exponentially.

Productive Wealth is that wealth which is distributed and recirculated over most of the population and Reinvestment Wealth is held by the very wealthy and produces ever increasing gains for them.

What Piketty discovered was that throughout history, including during the Industrial Revolution, Reinvestment Wealth was far, far greater than Productive Wealth, with a period of exception during the two world wars, including the great depression, up until the 80’s when Thatcher and Reagan began to cut taxes for the wealthy and attacked the unions and wages and enabled Reinvestment Wealth to blossom again giving rise to the extreme wealth inequality we see today. In the US in 1976 the top 1% had 19.9% of the wealth, in 2010 they had 35.4% and today Britain is the most unequal country in Europe.

It is hardly surprising, then, that today’s workers are, in terms of wealth, an incidental, almost an irrelevance, to be used and abused at will merely for their productiveness, driven by wages that cannot be lived on, and used as stock to produce the stuff of life with no shred of care or concern for their well being. Wealth has become the deciding factor of life, and it is little wonder that the poorest people are being abandoned, along with sick and disabled people, as useless eaters by you servants of the City of London and global corporate conglomerates.

06_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,050

Monday 06 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

One of the more important expressions that came out of the 60’s feminist and student movements is ‘the personal is political’. It’s an expression that, still, today is not widely accepted or understood, which is unfortunate because it has never been more relevant. Whether people are facing rising food prices and increased VAT, struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage, having their disability benefits stripped away or are forced to stay at home because they cannot find affordable housing and therefore independence, it’s all political. In this nation, whether people acknowledge it or not, politics is woven throughout the fabric of life.

When Osborne struck a deal with Swiss banks to protect illegal tax evaders it was entirely political and against the interests of the wider UK public. Britain lost out to what chartered accountant, Richard Murphy, described as, “the Treasury and our political leaders going out of their way to support criminality by making sure that a measure – the European Union Savings Tax Directive – that would blow tax evasion in British dependencies apart cannot now be implemented. And all, no doubt, at the behest of the City of London”.

Scotland’s private landowners, who have been described as Britain’s greediest benefit claimants, were subject to calls in 2013 for investigation to see how they avoid paying an estimated £40million in tax a year. Whilst Osborne imposed a £26,000 benefits cap on the poor your government fought against any such cap on the richest land owners in the country who receive billions in farming subsidies. Even Iain Duncan Smith’s extended family has received over a million pounds in benefits on their land.

Ed Balls has committed to restoring the 50p top rate of income tax for the wealthiest people in Britain who have enjoyed a very generous windfall from Osborne’s 5% tax cut to 45p.

Iain Duncan Smith’s is proposing to tax Disability Living Allowance, supposedly arguing that they should be increased for the poorest claimants while being subsidised with a tax on the benefits for those with higher incomes. In another slight of hand, he is not laying out any increase for poorer people, any more than benefit cuts actually make work pay, it’s all cheap chiseling at the bottom whilst protecting the benefits of the rich. There is nothing more personal than being poor and being pounded by politics.

08_march_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,022

Sunday 08 March 2015.

Dear Mr cluck cluck, meaningless sound-bite, Cameron,

I couldn’t help but notice at your little soirée with the party air heads in Edinburgh that one of your main election planks will be your baseless, fact free, sound bite, slandering of the poor.

How was your stay in Edinburgh by the way, did everything meet your ill informed standards of entitlement?

I notice that you accuse Labour of being, “Spineless, weak, unprincipled, short-termist”, have you looked in the mirror recently?

Ending the “something for nothing” culture could, if you addressed it properly, cost a great deal less than Iain Duncan Smiths shambolic Universal Credit. You could simply concentrate on Westminster and the City of London and end the well documented something for nothing culture of greed, entitlement and dubious and illegal practices that see billions siphoned into the hands of the most corrupt people on Earth.

But no, you expect the poor to pay the price for the failure and corruption of the rich and powerful. You tell us, your opponents, to stop “bleating” about your austerity regime. Oh really, where did this magic word come from if not from you? You even promised us permanent austerity as you wined and dined at the lavish Lord Mayors banquet.

You say your “welfare revolution” started in Scotland when “Iain Duncan Smith went to the Easterhouse estate in Glasgow where family after family had never worked, where the young people heard this: leave school, drop out, sign on – repeat as required”. Where is the proof, Mr Cameron, where is the peer reviewed study and report that not only was this the case on the Easterhouse estate, but is endemic in poor communities across the nation?

You slander the poor, accuse us of a culture of entitlement when the whole thing is made up of whole cloth in your own prejudiced minds. You entirely ignore the wide spread and profound suffering of the poor, children going hungry, people dying while you heap on policy after policy that drives poverty in the UK.

Your endless attacks on the poor and vulnerable are based on a tissue of lies, slander and spineless bullying and another five years of you is unthinkable.–an-everyday-story-of-london-life-8556960.html